Posted June 6, 2013 at 11:58 am

May 13 – Deputy responded to a report of possible animal abuse

Report of someone receiving verbal threats

Report of stolen license plate

Report of possible assault

Report of stolen air conditioning unit at 204 S Church

Ambulance calls – 102 E Hwy B, Jerico Springs; 305 S St James; 311 E Spring

May 14 – Report of credit card fraud

Report of a vandalized mail box 2585 S 101 Rd

Report of a suicidal subject

Report of stolen guns

Kenneth Cerney arrested for DWR

Ambulance calls – transfer from CCMH to Mercy Joplin; transfer from CCMH to Mercy Springfield; 305 S St James; 805 N Jackson; 21235 Hwy C, Jerico Springs; 1201 E Patricia

May 15 – Richard Wyatt arrested for failure to appear

Report of stolen license plate

Report of found purse

Request for officer assistance

Report of stolen medication

Report of an assault

Report of stolen guns from 17075 S 147 Rd

one vehicle accident on 1401 Rd

Ambulance calls – 800 N Main; transfer tom CCMH to Mercy Springfield; 1510 S Hwy EE; transfer from CCMH to Freeman Hospital Joplin; transfer from CMH to Community Springs; 504 E Fields; 14 01 Rd; 54 Hwy and 186 Rd

May 16 – Report of a domestic dispute at 6210 E 1400 Rd

Report of a two vehicle accident with possible injuries

Report of an attempt to steal a license plate

Report of a domestic dispute at 111 W Marshall

Report as information only of a possible assault 1475 S 951 Rd

Report of harassment

Ambulance calls – 2972 S First; 121 W Spring; Hwy 245 and Hwy 32 for two vehicle accident; 400 E Golden, Land O Lakes Fair Ground; transfer from CCMH to Mercy Springfield

May 17 – Robert R Thomas arrested for first degree burglary

Zachary Murphy arrested for possession and drug paraphernalia

Report of a stolen ATV 7380 S Hwy AA

Report of stolen property at 300 South St

Damaged property at 22480 E 1750 Rd, deputy responded

Report of harassment 814 S Ward

Ambulance calls – 1708 S Witt; South Jackson; transfer from CCMH to Mercy Springfield; Park and Fields for a vehicle accident; transfer from Community Springs to CMH Bolivar

May 18 – Report of assault, deputy responded

Report of vandalism and theft at 17765 S 325 Rd, officer assigned

Report of sickly deer at 13180 S 2301, MO cons assigned

Motor vehicle accident at 54 Hwy and 501 Rd, Caplinger fire/ElDo Fire responded, ambulance responds from St. Clair County

Report of two shot dogs at Twin Hills, deputy responded

Ambulance calls – 403 S Ohio; transfer from CCMH to Cox South Springfield; Hwy 54 and 501 Rd for vehicle accident; transfer from Community Springs to CCMH; 112 West Hightower

May 19 – Racey Hayes arrested for DWR

Report of graffiti in the park, contacted City

Report of tree blocking roadway at 1866 Rd just off 1860 Rd

Report of break-in and theft at 3475 E 500 Rd, deputy responded

Report of domestic disturbance at 6375 S 852 Rd, sent deputies

Ambulance calls – transfer from CCMH to SW Mental Health; transfer from CCMH to Mercy Springfield

May 20 – Report of trespassing

Deputy advised of stolen license plate

Deputies, ambulance, Stockton Fire and MSHP responded to report of overturned semi

Cedar County placed under tornado warning

Ambulance calls – 113 West Hickory to CCMH; 604 S Forrest to CCMH; CCMH to Community Springs; 805 South Kirkpatrick to CCMH; 511 South Park to CCMH

May 21 – Report of a possible break-in

Report of theft

Request for coroner

Agency assist from DEA

Search warrant at 15659 S 1801 Rd

Richard O'Keefe arrested for possession of marijuana

Report of disturbance, deputies advised

Ambulance calls – CCMH trauma bay to Mercy Springfield

May 22 – Report of property damage at Orleans rail 2nd beach, deputy and ranger advised

Report of speeding diesel trucks in Jerico Springs

Report of sex offender failing to register, deputy advised

Report of power lines in water, Dade County advised

Report of threats made, deputy advised

Report of four wheelers on roadway, deputy advised

Report of harassment, MSHP advised

Ambulance calls – El Dorado Estates to CCMH; 301 S Park to CCMH; CCMH to Children's Mercy Kansas City

May 23 – Report of person stealing electric at 17627 S Hwy 39, deputy responded

Report of mailbox being smashed at 23565 E 32 Hwy, deputy responded

Report of a MVC blocking road at 752 and 1875 Rd, MSPH advised, Caplinger fire responded

Report of small dog on front porch at 601 S College, dog wearing collar, been there for 2 days, dog catcher advised

Ambulance calls – 309 East Broadway Jerico Springs to CMH Bolivar; CCMH to Cox South Springfield; 1207 East Patricia to CCMH

May 24 – Report of a pursuit from EE Hwy on 124 Rd to 850 Rd to SW 900 Rd into St. Clair Co 02 Rd back to Cedar Co S on 501 Rd toward 54 Hwy, W on 150 Rd to S Vernon St., then pursued on foot ESPD captured two passengers. Driver still at large, believed to be Corey Brown

Report of a possible intoxicated driver near RE Hwy and 32 Hwy, deputy responded, driver taken into custody

Report of theft and break-in at 19730 E 1000 Rd

Jonathan Cassell arrested for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and possession of up to 35 grams marijuana

Report of possible trespassing at 20080 S 1515 Rd, deputy responded

Report of reckless ATV driving, deputy responded

Report of a stolen dog in El Dorado, deputy responded

Report of burglary at 7725 S 525 Rd

Report of a 2 motor vehicle accident, El Dorado Fire, Rescue, Vernon and MSHP advised

Ambulance calls – CCMH to Mercy Springfield x 2; CCMH transfer to Community Springs; Hwy 54 for a vehicle accident

May 25 – Report of possible trespassers at Sheldon Funeral Home, deputy responded

Report of a burned barn, deputy responded.

Report of theft of gas and diesel at 13380 S Hwy N, deputy responded

Report of fraud on an IRS form, deputy advised

Report of theft, deputy responded

Report of missing dog in El Dorado

Report of a domestic in progress, deputy responded

Report of damaged water lines

Report of a gun shot in Caplinger, deputy and ambulance responds

Report of trespassing, deputy responded

May 26 – Report of threats, deputy responded

Report of missing person, deputy responded

Report of stolen gas/burglary, deputies advised

Report of stolen cooler at Orleans Trail compsites

Multiple reports of mailbox damages, deputies advised

Report speeding 4 wheelers on 951 Rd, deputy responded

Report of noise disturbance in Caplinger camp grounds, deputies responded

Report of possible trespassing at 15030 E 2020 Rd, deputies responded

Ambulance calls – 1607 South Jackson to Nevada Regional; Concord Missionary Church to unknown destination; CCMH transfer to CMH

May 27 – Report of suspicious activity at 1440 E Hwy Y. Reporting party stated they heard voices outside, went outside to check on it, gas cap was off their tractor, nothing seemed to be missing. Deputy responded and check area for suspicious activity and or vehicle, not seen at that time.

Report of an assault at 106 E Locust. Reporting party stated her friend's husband pushed her down a flight of stairs. Deputy responded and reporting party was given a no trespass warning.

Report of a possible drunk driver that drove through a fence at 945 E 1800 Rd. Reporting party stated a male subject in a black car had just driven through her fence and was attempting to move forward. Two deputies, MSHP and ambulance responded.

Cedar County deputy and MSHP arrested a man for DWI.

Ambulance calls – CCMH transfer to New Beginnings-Nevada; 405 Marten-Jerico Springs; 945 E 1800 Rd-Jerico Springs; Community Spring to CCMH; CCMH transfer to Community Springs; 200 W McCrary

May 28 – Report of a smashed mailbox at 11600 S 1501 Rd

Report of two vicious dogs at 16785 S 1491 Rd. Reporting party stated the dogs have attached numerous dogs in the area and a kid on a bike two weeks ago. Deputy responded to location.

Report of an endangered motorist on Hwy 32, Hwy HH or gravel road somewhere around Virgil City. Reporting party stated the subject was going to get a gun and shoot himself after the reporting party refused to give him money. Deputy responded.

Report of theft at 600 West Hwy 32. Reporting party states his hog head mount missing.

Report of a domestic by city park in Stockton

Report of attempted break-in/prowler

Ambulance calls – Community Springs to CCMH

May 29 – Report of subject trespassing while intoxicated causing a dispute. Deputies made contact with subject.

Received call about a false bank document.

Received call regarding phone scams regarding social security cards and promises of money.

Report of a man dropped off at Allison's Convenience Store whom was beaten and was in and out of consciousness.

Report of stolen property in Lue Acres.

Received call regarding theft from residence 8225 S 151 Rd

May 30 – Report of car alarm going off at 7200 1875 Rd and a possible prowler, deputy sent.

Deputy sent to 5355 E 500 Rd for report of theft.

Search warrant served at 2845 S 951 Rd

Ambulance calls – 226 W Gay; CCMH transfer to Mercy Springfield

May 31 – Report of illegally catching bait fish on Caplinger Bridge, conservation contacted.

Report of stolen vehicle at 1703 S Hwy 32, deputy responded.

Deputy sent to Airport Village for report of a break-in.

Ambulance calls – 204 S Jackson; CCMH to Mercy Joplin; CCMH to New Beginnings-Nevada

June 1 – Report of stolen vehicle at 8465 E 700 Rd, deputy responded.

Deputy responded to report of theft across from 15380 E 1658 Rd.

Report of gas drive off at Casey's, contacted deputy and MSHP

Search warrant served at 19896 E 1300 Rd.

Matthew Garry arrested for receiving stolen property.

Kristie Joplin arrested for receiving stolen property

Ambulance calls – CCMH transfer to Nevada; CCMH to Mercy Springfield

June 2 – Deputy responded to report of property damage at Caseys.

Report of stolen dirt bike from 6150 S 425 Rd, deputy responded.

Garrie Goosman arrested for DWR.

Deputy and Corp Ranger advised of vehicle picking up scrap metal in the OT rock quarry.

Deputy responded to report of theft at 6150 S 425 Rd.

Deputy responded to Caplinger for report of stolen property out of a truck at the bridge.

Deputy responded to Woods for report of stolen groceries.

Deputy responded to Casey's for report of attempted theft of soda and Nyquil.

Ambulance calls – Apartments on Spring Street; 300 South Main; CCMH transfer to Mercy Springfield