What are they?

Posted June 20, 2013 at 9:55 am

Butterflies with Milkweed 3cc.tif

ID PLEASE – Over the weekend Kimball discovered a flower out in the bushes that neither of us remembered seeing. As a bonus, the blossoms attracted a flock (is there a gaggle of butterflies?) of flutter byes we also had not seen. On Google, Kimball located a flower that looks a little like the ones she found. Common milkweed? Doesn’t look like any milkweed I’ve ever seen. After looking at hundreds of butterfly photos, I found one we think might be it: great spangled fritillary butterfly. Never saw or heard of that before. You have any better ID? (That’s short of idea.)

The talent contest will begin at 8:30pm on Thursday, July 18. Talent show registration will begin on Friday, July 5. There will be no early registrations.

This is an official list of the rules so there is no confusion:

Judi is available to answer questions before registration begins. There is no other place to register except by calling her at 417/876-2691 (voice mail is available) or by cell at 417/296-1373. Your call will be returned to confirm your registration. You are not registered until you talk to Judi.


1. Talent show may be entered once: single performer, group or act, non-professionals only.

2. Performances are limited to 3 minutes.

a. Any performance over 3 minutes will have a point deduction.

b. Any performance the judges feel is excessively over the time limit could be disqualified for the contest and possibly disqualified to perform in the contest the following year.

3. Due to time constraints of the talent contest, you are not allowed extra time to set up instruments or complete a sound check. NO bands or drums will be permitted in the talent contest.

4. A professional sound system will be provided; however, you must provide your own karaoke disc. (No cassette tapes)

a. Karaoke discs must be delivered to the bandstand and clearly marked with your name and song before the contest begins.

b. No CD’s with artist voice will be permitted. Any contestant that tries to use one will be stopped and immediately disqualified.

c. You are responsible to pick up your disc after the contest at the bandstand.

d. Neither the committee, sound company nor any other person/entity will be responsible for Karaoke discs not picked up after the contest.

5. An entrant’s list is posted near the bandstand by 3 p.m. on the day of the contest.

a. Contestants will report to the bandstand at the beginning of the contest then will be free to sit in the audience after their performance.

6. Overall winners will be given the opportunity to perform a 30-minute program at the following Picnic before the contest begins. This is totally up to the winner if they wish to do this.

a. The overall winner will not be allowed to perform in the contest for two years following their encore performance.

7. Registration is mandatory. The title of the song to be performed must be decided on at the time of registration with no changes allowed without the permission of the talent show coordinator. If a contestant changes their song without permission they will be disqualified. There will be no duplicate music. There are no auditions.

8. Contestants will perform in the age category of the oldest performer in the group.

9. Judge sheets will not be available to the contestants or any other party after the contest.

10. Judges decisions are final.