The Rock Wall

Posted June 20, 2013 at 9:57 am

I had a great Father’s Day. Adrian and Davis each called. Kimball baked a pineapple-upside-down cake using Mom’s recipe. She gave me a manicure.

That’s all well and good and I really appreciated it. But I didn’t know that our three cats really got into the spirit.

Late Sunday afternoon, Kimball and I saw a mouse run out from behind the entertainment center on one side and back in on the other. Bella, the street cat, saw it too and immediately set up shop to catch the little critter, leaving me to wonder how it escaped the poison I have out downstairs.

Later in the evening, the big three – Bella, Caddeaux and Bellevue – had staked out the china cabinet at the north end of the dining room. When I went to bed, I could see that Caddeaux was still on guard.

Monday morning, as I walked around the foot of the bed in the early morning darkness, I could barely see a lump on the area rug and thought a cat had been sick during the night. I flipped on the light to see better so I could complain I guess.

There it was. The ultimate Father’s Day gift. My very own mouse. What consideration for all of the cats to forego such a treat and leave it for me. And they didn’t even deliver it to me in bed, thank goodness.

I called Kimball in so she could appreciate the generosity. She wrapped the gift in a paper towel and took it outside so no one’s feelings would be hurt. I asked her to tell the cats that I really enjoyed the mouse and that it was crunchy.

– I suppose I would be out of place to try to help our ambulance provider instead of just piling on like half of the ambulance board and all of the audience in Stockton did because two ambulance attendants forgot to turn on their hand held radioes. But I’ll take a chance.

I remember hearing Highway Patrolmen on the scanner when they take a break announcing that they were at Stop 105, for example. I know that the dispatcher has the name and phone number of that restaurant or coffee shop. Why not take it a step farther and give the dispatcher the cell phone number of each ambulance attendant? AND, CMH could require the crew to contact the dispatcher on a hand held radio when they get out of the ambulance. That would ensure that at least one walkie-talkie is on.

CMH has likely already thought of things like that, but I just wanted to try to be helpful. Everyone will make a mistake sometime. I think the thing to do is for everyone to try to keep it from happening again and make the ambulance service better for all of us. If you are not part of the solution, you may be part of the problem.