Good for another year of triumph

Posted June 20, 2013 at 10:17 am

By Dora Jean McKinley

I was at Wal-Mart this week and saw Joyce and Frank Drummond doing their shopping. It’s good to see neighbors that you don’t see very often. I saw Tresea Brewer.

This week E.J. Wingate stopped by to visit with Tex McKinley. He had gone to Washington D.C. with FFA members. He told Tex about his trip. The trip was several days.

Dora McKinley saw Barbara Robinson at Wood’s with her granddaughter. Barbara’s last name was Robinson. Tex and Barbara went to school at Metz in the same grade. Sorry Barbara, I don’t know your last name now.

John Olson stopped by this week to visit with Tex McKinley. At the time, we were mowing our lawn. Marilyn Entrikin went to the cancer survivor’s dinner on Monday. There was a nice crowd and they had good food. She played bingo on Friday and won once.

Tuesday was Steve and Rose Entrikin’s 31st anniversary. The same day was Marilyn Entrikin’s birthday. Happy birthday Marilyn.

Marilyn Entrikin had her annual physical on the 6th. She’s good for another year.

Ashley and Tyler’s daughter, Alli, turned one-year-old on Sunday, June 9. They went to Disney Land last week.