Letters from principals

Posted June 20, 2013 at 11:07 am

Why I appreciate Teachers:

I have always been encouraged by individuals that sacrifice there time beyond normal working hours, not because of money but because of a commitment they made a long time ago. A Teacher only hears of the word overtime from those that get paid for it. I am thankful for those that spend 4 to 6 years in college courses and make less then those that have much less training. Not that I think it is right, but simply put, that’s the way it is. I believe a description of a Teacher is being a parent, social working, caregiver, counselor and mentor.

We have an excellent staff here at El Dorado Springs, Mo. With the constant changing of curriculum and testing, these teachers continue to press on. I think the hero’s of our society are our Teachers, and am lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with them on a daily basis. There is a lot of frustration when you try and teach a young man or young lady and the willingness to learn is not yet there. But I continued to see these High School Teachers not give up on them and find new and innovative ways to reach these young adults and know that in someway or someday they will find success.

David Hedrick

High School Principal


Every day, you meet our children on the front lines of their learning curve. In a full classroom, you take the time to reach out to each individual student, and relate to their unique circumstances. Sometimes you are answering 20 questions per minute, and sometimes you are grading 40 papers per night. Whatever the case, your presence and dedication is moving the ball forward for each child in the classroom.

The time, effort and energy that you devote to doing the job you have chosen to do is undeniably immeasurable. You take on this challenge with open arms and strive to make each day better than the day before. You have the ability to smile in the face of adversity and persevere through the most difficult of situations. You are amazing people that skillfully perform a challenging job. Our students, building, district and community are fortunate to have such amazing individuals to entrust with our most prized possessions. Thank you for everything you do. I say this as an administrator, father and as a member of this community. Our children are better because of you. Happy teacher appreciation week, please know that whether it is said or not, you are greatly appreciated on a daily basis.

Sincerely Appreciative,

Brad StewardMiddle School Principal

Dear Elementary Teachers and Staff,

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Ms. Hearting and I would like to thank you for the countless hours you spend both inside and outside of the school day to do what is best for kids. As we walk through the hallways and visit your classrooms we see you smiling, teaching, and loving your students. We see the amazing lessons you prepare and delight with you as you share the great things that happen in your classrooms. We know these lessons do not happen without considerable time and effort on your part devoted to preparing, gathering materials for, and presenting the lessons. We thank you for the time you spend in your classrooms on evenings and weekends as well as the time you spend planning lessons and grading papers in the evenings when you’re at home with your own families.

On a personal level, thank your for the personal interest you take in your students. Your pride in their strengths and accomplishments and your concern for their areas of weakness and efforts to help are commendable. Teachers and staff members often go “above and beyond” to care for and provide for students in so many different ways. Thank you for the relationships you nurture with your students and their families. Our students’ school experiences are strengthened by these relationships and acts of kindness toward your students.

Finally, we recognize that your jobs can, at times, be frustrating and challenging. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to our students, our school, and our profession. I am so very proud of you. It is an honor to be your principal!


Tracy Lanser

Elementary Principal

Letters fromprincipals