Posted June 20, 2013 at 11:39 am

The following felonies have been filed in Vernon County:

Gary A Herring, Nevada, child molestation x 2 (Dec 1)

Steven S Due, El Dorado Springs, unlawful use of a weapon (May 14)

Valerie A Slichenmyer, Nevada, theft/stealing (May 30)

Zackery R Claypool, Nevada, tampering with mtr veh (May 31)

Timothy A McCullick, Nevada, forgery x 3, misd-theft/stealing (May 17)

Jacob T Rawlings, Nevada, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or marijuana, unlawful use of a weapon (June 6)

The following misdemeanors have been filed in VernonCounty:

Steven W Collins, Nevada, violation of order of protection for adult

Joshua D Hostetter, Nevada, assault 3rd degree, resisting/interfering w/arrest, detention or stop, assault – L/E, C/O, E/P, Hwy Wkr in construct/Wrk Zone, Utility Worker or P&P-apprehension physical injury-3rd deg, resisting/interfering w/arrest, detention or stop (May 30)

Matthew W Day, Nevada, theft/stealing, fraudulently obtain/attempt to gain credit goods/services or another without consent (May 1)