School ends year in black

Posted July 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm

On Thursday, June 27, the El Dorado Springs R-II School Board held its annual budget adjustment session just prior to the end of the fiscal year on June 30 with all board members present except Kevin Fast. Present were Walt Anderson, Benny Brower, Scott Cluck, Allen Hoover, Greg Beydler and Darrell Eason – presiding.

In executive session, the board hired Tiffany Daniels as a para-professional, Christina Tharp to teach High School math, Misty Butterfield to be Middle School cheerleader coach and Dave Hedrick, at no pay, to be the secondary football coach. Mr. Welch, the new head football coach had asked that Hedrick come on board to help coach the secondary and Mr. Hedrick agreed to do so at no extra cost to the district. Hedrick was an assistant college football coach for several years before moving into administration.

The superintendent explained the auditors like the Board to amend the budget to actual figures which saves the district money because the auditors would have to do “a huge amount of paperwork” to reconcile the difference between the budget the board adopted early in the school year and the year-end figures.

Supt. Koca told the board that all the figures are not in for 2012-13 but it “looks like we will end the year in the black a little.” The original budget adopted June 29, 2012, projected a deficit of $372,403. For the year, expenses were 93% if the amount budgeted while 96% of the revenue budgeted was collected.

After amending the 2012-13 budget to actual figures, the board took up consideration of the 2013-14 budget. With all the bad news out of Jefferson City, which just got worse the next day with the governor’s announcement that he will freeze $400 million in state funding for education and state services (with an estimated $66 million of that coming out of the education budget), Supt. Koca presented a budget with $11,592,967 in revenues and $12,098,241 in expenditures. That is a projected shortfall of $505,274.

The superintendent said that would reduce the fund balance from the 33-34% unrestricted ending fund balance for this year to 26.82% next year. He said, “We can’t do that year-after year-after year.” The unrestricted fund balance is expressed as the percentage of the fiscal year that the district could run on reserves if no revenue was collected. Reserves of 20% or more are usually regarded as adequate.

Within the 2013-14 budget are some changes. This is the second year for all athletics to be budgeted separately from student activities. Last year, expenditures in this area ran 115% of projected budget, so budgeted amount for this area was adjusted accordingly

The nursing budget is higher this year because the school hired an RN to replace an LPN that retired.

Revenues were budgeted at a lower amount due to significantly lower tax collection rates last year.

The revenue for paid lunches is down significantly in part due to government regulations enacted a year ago. Since the rule change, OPAA cannot put as much food on the plate or as many things on the plate kids like.

Supt. Koca announced that OPAA has elected to no longer receive commodities from the government because it can’t always pick what it will receive and “kids don’t like what the government delivers.”