The Rock Wall

Posted July 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm

work but too broke not to. He accomplished all that in four days.

– Adrian and Davis plan to come home the Friday of the Picnic. I think those two plus Adrian’s friend, Cain, plan to run in the 5K Run for a Reason. I expect them to leave the dogs in Shreveport and Ruston: Cain is allergic to cats and maybe dogs and there won’t be room for them and the pets in Adrian’s car.

Kimball has made arrangements for a safe haven for Cain so our cats won’t keep him from breathing.


I got to thinking about the 4th and decided that it was on Thursday the week we took over the Sun (or actually when it took us over) back in 1979. I found a perpetual calendar on line, something I couldn’t have done back then, and discovered that the 4th was on Wednesday. Not bad to be only off one day after 34 years, huh?

So, Monday was our anniversary. I didn’t think of that until this minute. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

– Davis was home over the weekend for the first time in about six months. He drove to the office while I was somewhere else Thursday morning. The office crew told me he was across the street at Doggy Designs so I went to look for him. I didn’t have on my glasses. As I walked around the end of the rope barrier, I saw a slender dark-headed guy with a dog cradled in his arms crossing the street headed south. I didn’t pay much attention until I saw him step over the ropes. Then I realized it was Davis.

Yep, he has changed. I don’t think he has an ounce of fat on him. He does some kind of insane workouts every day. In fact, he went to the Community Center and ran before he came to the office.

We didn’t know he was going to bring his dog, Caddee (CA – dee), so we didn’t tell the cats. Davis complained that when Caddee met Caddeaux, the blue demon in him came out and he offered Caddee a paw, claws exposed.

When Bella, who loves Adrian’s miniature Schnauzer, Penny, first saw Caddee in the yard, Bella charged, tail fully expanded and back arched. Caddee ran.

I think we heard the results of a Caddee encounter with Bellevue – a dog yipping in pain. Bellevue spent part of her early life before we got her in a room with about 30 cats and doesn’t take any guff off of anybody, human or animal. At 4 1⁄2 lbs. she is just slightly quicker than chain lightning. You stroke her, not pat her, and only as long as she approves or you get swatted…two or three times or more. Too quick to count.

Davis got to visit, eat Momma’s cookin’ several times, get his tires aligned, renew his driver’s license, go to a Griffins game, accompany Mom to a cage fight and on Saturday, help me finish most of the projects on my bucket list. He wanted to go squirrel hunting, but we hadn’t seen any in weeks. He had to go back to Ruston to get some rest.

I’ve heard that a vacation is two weeks after which you

are too tired to go back to