Land-O-Lakes Youth Fair 2013

Posted July 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Schedule of Events

July 6

8 a.m. Shooting Sports- Air Rifle

10 a.m. – Shooting Sports – Air Pistol

July 8 Monday

6:00 PM Clean up Fairgrounds.


July 9 Tuesday

3:30 PM Judge orientation for non-livestock


4:00-7:00 Non livestock entries check-in and

judging in metal building

6:00 Dog Check in

6:30 Dog Show (released following show)

7:00 Royalty Coronation

July 10 Wednesday

8:00 Cook Shack Opens

Metal Building Opens

8:00 – 9:00 Check in Horses (Pre-entry required)

9:00 Introduction of Fair Queen and Princesses

9:15 FFA and 4-H Horse Show

Horses released after barn cleaned

4:00-7:00 Weigh in at fairgrounds-steers, market

lambs, hogs, meat goats

4:00 Archery Shooting Sports (Group 1)

5:00-9:00 Check-in for ALL livestock exhibits

(excluding dairy cattle) at fair board


6:00 Archery Shooting Sports (Group 2)

8:00 Cook shack & Exhibit building closed

9:00 p.m. Show book Closes

July 11 Thursday

7:30 Weigh in Market Rabbits and Market


8:00 Cook Shack Opens

8:00 Exhibit Building Opens

8:00 Introduction of Fair Queen and Princess

8 – 10:00 Poultry and Rabbit show (Non sale

animals released following show)

11:00 FFA and 4-H Livestock Judging Contest

1:00 Beef Breeding Show

4:00 Release of Breeding Beef

5:00 Show of Exotic Animals (if any)

Land-O-Lakes Youth pet Show

Bucket Calf Show

5:30 Market Lambs, Market Goats, Market

Hogs and Steer Judging (Swine Showmanship

& Beef Showmanship after

steer show)

8:00 Exhibit building closed

July 12 Friday

8:00-9:00 Exhibitor Breakfast at cook shack

8:00 Exhibit Building Opens

8:30 Swine Breeding classes

8:45 Sheep Breeding Classes, followed by

sheep showmanship

Dairy Goat Breeding Classes and Boer

Goat Breeding Classes followed by all

goat showmanship

Dairy Cow show followed by Dairy

Cow showmanship

9:00 Cook shack opens

9:00-9:30 Dairy Cows check in at announcer’s


1:00 Pedal Tractor Pull

1:00 Shooting Sports – Shotgun

4:00 Livestock released (non sale) after

barns cleaned.

Non-livestock exhibits released.


5:00 Exhibit building closed

6:15 Fair Royalty & special awards


Release of all animals on ground at

end of sale

July 13 Saturday

8 p.m. – 11 p.m. Dance