Group to re-open Theater

Posted July 11, 2013 at 9:52 am

Jami Carpenter 1 cc 2.tif

The Opera House Arts Council formed Monday evening, July 8, to raise the $60,000 needed to buy a digital movie projector so they can re-open the Opera House Theater and show current movies again.

Jami Carpenter, the newly elected president of the Opera House Arts Council, told the Sun on Tuesday afternoon, “We are forming a non-profit to raise money for the theater. We have to raise $60,000 for a projector in order to start showing movies again.”

She said they don’t have any way to show movies while they are raising the money because the movie industry no longer makes the movies on film which the 1974 projector can use.

She said, “We might do special events, but we can’t get film.”

Q. When you get this digital projector, what will be the advantages of it?

“We will be able to just download the movies. We should know three weeks ahead of time what movies we will have. With film, we didn’t know until Monday or Tuesday what we were going to have.”

“The picture quality is better. The sound quality will be better. It will be all automatic. The computer will dim the lights. It will play. It will be perfect.”

Q. What is the time frame on raising the money?

“There is not really a time frame. The sooner the better. The sooner we can get it going again.”

“How we are going to raise it: right now, we are working under the Community Foundation of the Ozarks until we get our Federal 501C3 (to receive tax deductible donations.) You can donate on-line or give your donation to one of the board members.”

Board members of the Opera House Arts Council are Jami Carpenter – president, Frank Lambrecht – vice president, Teresa Hoover – secretary, Paula Newman – treasurer, Greg Allison, Rhonda Friar, Jeremy McCullick, John Queen and Justin Culbertson.

“Actually if you go to the Theater web site, there is a link there that will take you to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks website.” That site is Type in Opera House in the Fund/Program box.

“They can also find it on FaceBook. Just type in Opera House Theater.”

“On the Community Foundation of the Ozarks website, just specify Opera House Arts Council and you can donate there.”

“We feel strongly that El Dorado Springs needs to have a theater.”

Q. What is the process? I understand Davin and Troy Allison owe some money on the theater.

“They will retain ownership until the note is paid off. Then they will turn the building over to the Arts Council and won’t have any ownership of it at all. The Council will. They will not profit off this.”

“We hope the community will agree that we need a theater and will donate the funds to make it happen.”