The Rock Wall

Posted July 18, 2013 at 9:52 am

Are you ready for some Picnic? As our Cajun friends might say, “Got yo self ready for some Picnic overdose.”

I’m always ready for the Picnic to come and always relieved to see it go.

Normally we cruise the usual parking spots on Sunday to see what carnival trucks have arrived. We didn’t last Sunday because we went to a baptizing down at the Blackjack public landing. That was our priority.

Now the downtown is teeming with carnival rides and carnival workers. On Monday, they put up some of the rides on the lot behind our office and the one beside the gas company. We know things will really get buzzing Wednesday and Wednesday night.

We’ll see all of us regulars on Main and Spring Streets Wednesday evening after we get here from prayer meeting. Eagle Burgers will be on the menu then we will take photos of the street dance winners.

– Friday evening before the awards ceremony at the Land O Lakes Youth Fair, I went up to the announcers’ table to confirm what I wanted to photo. Jerry Brackenridge and Danny Newman said they were just talking about the photos we would want. They knew exactly what I needed. Same as I did last year. And the year before that. Might sound ho-hum but not to the youngsters who won.

-Adrian, Davis and Adrian’s friend, Cain, plan to leave Shreveport about 1 or 2 p.m. Friday she told me a few minutes ago. That should put them in here about 10 p.m. or so. They can get in two nights of the Picnic.

I just sent Davis and Adrian an e-mail telling them the MoDOT contractor is resurfacing Hwy. 54 this week. I suggested they might want to drop off I-49 at Sheldon and come that way.

But they may come the regular way. Their choice. We’ll be glad to see them when they get here.