A game we both like to play

Posted July 18, 2013 at 10:02 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Marilyn Entrikin went to Rich Hill on the 3rd for the baby contest. Ashley and Tyler’s 12 month old Alli was in the contest. Marilyn said she wouldn’t have wanted the judge's job. The kids were all so cute, it had to be very hard to pick the winner. Alli didn’t win, but she is a winner with Great-gran Marilyn.

Kenny John and Beth Entrikin celebrated their 11th anniversary on the 5th.

Tiffany and Nick’s boys, Ean and T.J., celebrated their 8th and 6th birthdays with a party on the 6th.

Doug Wingate and sons, E.J. and J.D. from Nevada came one afternoon last week to see Tex. Tex was helping E.J. and Doug with a project. A broke bolt has held up the project for a day or two. Finish it later. J.D. later in the day went to swim at Grandma Patty’s house. E.J. was running errands.

I saw Sophie Olive at Wood’s last week. Sophie and I have a game we both like to play. We had a good visit about things we both like to do.

I saw Tersea Brewer, Harold and June Ann at Delways. Good people are always seen at good eating places.

Mary Leer and Marilyn Entrikin had lunch together. They ate at Chinese Chef.

Sunday, Marilyn had lunch with a friend at Chicken Annie’s. Then dessert at Braum’s. That makes a perfect day.

The cats have no let up from their bird friends yet.