Local drivers place in Wheatland

Posted July 18, 2013 at 10:44 am

Local race drivers put their names in the winning column in the July 13 and July 6 races at the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland.

In the July 13 Modifieds A feature, Chase Jones, El Dorado Springs, claimed 10th place while Lucas Dobbs, El Dorado Springs took 12th.

In the B feature of that race, Craig Wood, El Dorado Springs, took 5th.

In Heat 1, Chase Jones took 5th. In Heat 2, Lucas Dobbs came in 3rd while Craig Wood took 6th.

In the July 6th races, Gary Clark, Walker, took 3rd in the A feature of the Poly Lift Boats race. He took 2nd in Heat 3.

In the Late Models A feature, Larry Jones, El Dorado Springs took 10th and Donnie Timmerman, El Dorado Springs, finished 22nd.

Jones took 2nd in Heat 1. Timmerman took 5th in Heat 2.

In the A feature of A-Modifieds, Lucas Dobbs finished 20th. Dobbs also took 5th in Heat 3.