2013 Picnic another rousing success

Posted July 25, 2013 at 10:27 am

The rain Saturday night may have dampened some shirt sleeves but not the spirits as the 132nd annual El Dorado Springs Picnic.

El Dorado Springs Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck told the Sun Tuesday that the Picnic went well with no major problems.

The chief said he put on his raincoat Saturday evening and stayed out in the downpour directing people to awnings and other shelter.

He said he had to empty his boots a couple of times.

El Dorado Springs City Manager Bruce Rogers said, “Things didn’t go too bad.”

“The carnival was down about $3,500. The gross was a little over $63,000. All the expenses won’t come in for awhile so we don’t know the bottom line yet.”

Rogers said, “Sales were ahead of last year on Thursday and Friday night. It was all lost because of the rain. I’m hoping our expenses will be down, too, but I don’t know that yet.”

Rogers said, “Booth sales were about the same, but we had lowered the price by $2 a foot for out-of-town vendors, so we didn’t collect as much revenue.”

Picnic Committee Chairman Judy Baldwin told the Sun Tuesday, “I thought it turned out just great. Even with the rain, we still had a lot of people in the Park and the midway was still full. So, El Doradians are hard core Picnickers.”

Ms. Baldwin said, “We didn’t even talk about numbers during our wrap-up the other day. We sold as much booth space as we ever have. We sold over a thousand feet. Last year was the banner year where we sold over 1,100 ft.”

She said, “All vendors seemed to have done OK. I talked to Steve Sweeten (Kim Laine). I think the local ones did well. The Nine Wonders Optimists did very well for the first year. I think most of the vendors were very pleased.”

“I think people liked the carnival rides. Some were a little different than what Pride Amusements brought in the past. He did have the required number of 18.”

“I really liked his colors this year. All of the lights on the rides were so brilliant.”

Ms. Baldwin said, “We had a new one this year that people really liked. That was Nacho Ordinary Taco. They are from Bolivar. He sets up there a couple of days a week. That’s his job.”

She said, “County Line Barbeque was very busy. It was their second year. I talked to them late Saturday night and Mike said, ‘We did OK.’ I assume they did well.”

She talked about the Saturday night main feature following the rain, “David Ball was so friendly. The drummer said, ‘Have you got anywhere we can go inside and do it. We will go anywhere you want it done.’ ”

“We couldn’t go into the Civic Center because they had just done the floors.”

“David Ball said, ‘I don’t care. We will stay here all night until we can do a show.’ They truly wanted to do the show.”

Judy liked having an adult win the Lip Sync contest. “I really hope Jack Daniel’s performance in the Lip Sync will encourage the next generation people to get into that contest. It can be so much fun. I’d really like for the adults to participate and not just the kids. There are divisions for everybody.”

The Talent Show was the centerpiece of the Thursday night Picnic venue. “I took 25 people for the Talent Show. Actually, I generally take 26 because there one who doesn’t show up. I start taking entries on July 5. I’m usually full by the 7th or 8th. I have a waiting list in case somebody drops off. “

“That is our main entertainment for Thursday night and I think people really like it.”

The Golf Cart Race almost got cancelled because few competitors showed up. It finally started late after some intense recruiting. Ms. Baldwin said, “We are talking about bringing the Golf Cart Race downtown next year and hold it after the Baby Contest. We may put it on the tennis court and make the course a little tighter. Because we didn’t have the greased pig contest, people weren’t out there so the participation in the golf cart race was really down.”

She had a suggestion for the Chamber of Commerce on their Baby Contest. “The Baby Contest was huge. I think we need to break up the youngest group. There is a lot of growing from newborns to 12 months old. We had 48. That would be my suggestion to the Chamber that they break up the divisions.”