Search warrant yields drugs, arrests

Posted July 25, 2013 at 10:29 am

Deputy Bobby McAntire received information from an informant of drug activity at a residence located at 1840 S. 325 Rd., El Dorado Springs, in which several grams of phetamine was being sold or traded by the occupants living at the residence.

Cedar County Sheriff Leon Dwerlkotte and his deputies along with the CNET Drug Task Force executed a search warrant on the residence at approximately 0030 hours on Friday, July 19. The sheriff said, “At the residence we located controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and several dollars in cash and a firearm which was seized for evidence.”

Occupants of the residence were Mark Esry, Kevin Scott, David Pinkman, Laurie Trussell, Ashton Finley, Dayton Trussell and James Sprinkle. Deputies arrested Mark Esry for a failure to appear warrant,. They arrested James Sprinkle for outstanding warrants and drug paraphernalia and Laurie Trussell for possession of control substance.

Investigation ongoing and charges to be filed.