The Rock Wall

Posted July 25, 2013 at 10:32 am

As Davis and I drove out of our back lot about 11:15 Saturday night, he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever left the Picnic this early.”

The rain Saturday evening definitely put a damper on things. Kimball and I took our equipment into the American Legion about 6:40 between the raindrops, sorta. Thirty minutes later I got soaked running to the pickup. We loaded under the awning and headed for the next appointment in a downpour.

I thought it would rain out David Ball’s 10 p.m. performance. He did start 20 or 30 minutes late. One concession he made to the weather was less equipment. Nick Sibley loaned the lead guitar player a high quality acoustic guitar which the guy proceeded to play the fire out of. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better guitar player.

I stayed for a song or two, then as I started to leave, I noticed that everyone around me on the sidewalk in front of the stage was singing along with David Ball. As I walked up the northeast sidewalk, everyone I could see was singing along. When I was about up to Spring and Main, I noticed an older couple in lawn chairs to my left. I thought, “They won’t be singing his song.” Wrong. The lady was belting out the song.

– As I predicted, I enjoyed all four days of the Picnic and was ready for it to be over. Thankfully, the weather was not as hot as last year. Adrian and Davis don’t require nearly as much supervision (or cash) as they did in their younger days.

-Kimball and I wrapped up a weeklong painting project just in time for the kids’ homecoming. And they didn’t notice the difference telling us their bathroom, the kitchen and the hall had always looked that bright. Well, Momma’s happy that we got those Honey-Do projects done.

– We enjoyed meeting and getting to know Adrian’s boyfriend, Cain, who is a very polite Southern gentleman obviously from a good family. When he walked into the office Friday evening, he presented Kimball with a colorful bouquet of spring flowers. I think it was Saturday that we were all in the kitchen and dining room while Kimball was cooking. As I went over by the library table where she had the flowers in a vase, I commented on their beauty. She agreed. Everybody laughed and I think Cain may have blushed a little when I opined sort of under my breath, “Salt the cow to catch the calf.” The “cow” analogy drew some protest from the cook.

Reckon a sense of humor unchecked could become a health hazard? Probably cost me more Honey-Do projects.