The Rock Wall

Posted August 1, 2013 at 10:02 am

I had a phone message from Margaret Carter who said she wanted to give me information about a member of my church who will have a birthday soon at the nursing home. I tried to call her back at the cell phone number she left and got a message that the mailbox was full, so I called the nursing home.

The receptionist and I discussed the possibilities and decided it might be Rachel Benham or Pauline Bryant. Both have known me longer than I have known them. I told the receptionist that they both probably had a chance to drop me on my head since Mom and Dad took me to church everywhere from Day 1.

Some of my earliest memories are of being in church with Rachel and her late husband, Earl, and Pauline and her late husband, Junior.

Well, the receptionist looked it up and Rachel’s birthday is 6/6/21 so it likely wasn’t her. Pauline’s birthday is 8/8/24. If you see Pauline, wish her a happy 89th next Thursday.

– I had a bloom at the house Monday. The hibiscus that Sherry Stephens gave me produced a blossom that was about 9 inches across. Looked like the bell on a trumpet. Lasted only one day which might have been because of all the rain.

The Boultinghouse rose I transplanted for Sherry is already blooming in its pot on the north side of her house. Grandpa Boultinghouse’s mother brought the rose bush by covered wagon from Washington State according to family legend.

Mom always called it her “Little Monthly Rose.” It blooms constantly. My sister got a start off of Mom’s rose bush and gave me some off of her bushes.

Kimball has become the caladium queen. Adrian gave her some bulbs which Kimball planted a few weeks ago in several pots and plots. She now has a red rain forest and a green rain forest of huge foliage about as big as elephant ears.

OK, enough gardening. Got to run to Special Road.