Posted August 1, 2013 at 11:29 am

July 22 – Deputy responded to 401 E Locust for an assault

James Matthew Shaffer arrested for assault

Deputy responded to 1017 Owens Mill Rd for a report that someone gained access to debit card information and used it while he was on vacation

Deputies responded to a possible domestic at corner of J and N Hwys

Josh Bailey arrested for assault

Ambulance calls – 103 E Hainline; 15675 S Hwy A

July 23 – Deputy responded to 1620 Rd for report of property damage

Deputy responded to Caseys Store for report of gas drive off

Ambulance calls – 1402 S Park; 1310 Esry; 15500 S 1051 Rd; 301 S Park

July 24 – Robert Eugene Arnold arrested for DWI

Ambulance calls – 2972 S 1st; Hwy 32 for vehicle accident; 1800 S Park

July 25 – Ambulance calls -500 E Fields, 1650 Hwy 32; 1402 S Park

July 26 – Jeffrey Scott Tipton arrested of a Cedar County warrant

Deputy responded to area of Hays and Oak for subjects pouring gas on things then lighting it

Deputy responded to Walnut Street for report of vandalism

Report of stolen cell phone off of truck

Ambulance calls – 1401 S Park; 8611 SE 71 Rd; 401 E Broadway

July 27 – Chase Broksieck arrested for peace disturbance

Ambulance calls – 200 McCrary Circle;

July 28 – Deputy responded to 806 E B Hwy 32 for report of stolen credit card

Report of trespassing at 21150 S Hwy H

July 28 – Corp Brandell arrested for DWR

Report of property damage at 308 Bryant

Ambulance calls – 800 N Main; 4565 S 1819 Rd; Pine and Kirkpatrick