The Rock Wall

Posted August 8, 2013 at 9:54 am

Nancy Smith with the Cedar County Historical Society is looking for information about Martha Chambers Emergency Hospital and about Martha Chambers. I was born there, you know.

If you have info please send it to me at AND and we’ll share it with Nancy and with your fellow readers. Please use both addresses because sometimes e-mails to my address disappear.

I called Nancy Harris who said that Leatta (Sis) Jackson might know. Her dad was a doctor.

– A little over two years ago Kimball and I transplanted some pink lady bulbs AKA surprise lilies. Well, on Monday we were surprised – so far 18 have put in an appearance. I think I counted about 40 when the foliage was up this spring as it was a year earlier. Two small bunches of four each I planted in a shallow ditch put out foliage but evidently they didn’t like their feet quite that wet. Not ladylike, I guess.

– I’ve heard that you shouldn’t pay to much attention to a lady’s last name because she is likely to change it. I just found out that the former Miss Megan Flesher, who works with us, did exactly that, but not for the usual reason. She wants to write fiction but heard that writing under a pen name sometimes causes complications. So, she went to court and is now Megan Olivier (That’s O – liv – E – A) Tammer – Lane.

She had to certify to the judge that she was not changing her name for any illegal purposes like evading debt.

And how did she decide on those names? Olivier was a character in a movie that Megan and her sister really like. She wanted to use her former middle name, Lane, as a last name, but it was listed in the top 100 most common last names in the U.S. So, she started sounding out hyphenated names and liked the sound of Tammer-Lane. She said that fiction writers learn to sound out things.

I wonder if that applies if a lady is thinking about changing her last name the old fashioned way. I’ve heard some that could have used more sounding.