A neighborhood watch

Posted August 29, 2013 at 10:48 am

Scott Fox was at Wal-Mart doing his weekly grocery shopping when I saw him. We did our bit of catching up on the latest news.

How time flies. Marilyn Entrikin has 10 great-grandkids. Of the 10, five are going to school this year.

Danny Hogan came this week to talk to Tex McKinley. Time for business talking.

E.J. Wingate needed Tex McKinley’s assistance this week. He was working on an important project. E.J. and a friend stopped by to see Tex later in the week. Doug Wingate came later to join the fun.

Marilyn Entrikin attended a “neighborhood watch” meeting at Crawford House on Thursday. The policeman showed them various drugs and drug paraphernalia. If they see it on the sidewalk, street, parking lots, etc., they are not to touch it. Just call the police and they will collect it.

Marilyn played bingo on Friday.

Ashley and Tyler Arwood celebrated their 3rd anniversary on the 14th. (Ashley is Jimmy and Peggy Entrikin’s daughter.)

The Doug Wingate family's new dog, Yoda, has them wrapped around his little tail. He has them getting up at 6 a.m. for him, and they love it.

Happy birthday Danny Hogan.