Former grocer starts bookkeeping and small business consulting company

Posted August 29, 2013 at 11:53 am

Previous co-owner of Summer Fresh Supermarkets, Brent T. Brown, has partnered with another small business owner, Lee Fraley, to launch a new company focused on helping other small businesses.

Bookkeeping Plus Advisors, LLC, has opened its doors for business this month and will focus on bookkeeping, consulting and business networking.

“The idea behind it is that good business starts with good bookkeeping,” Brown said. “Second, is the consulting piece. Ok, You’ve got good bookkeeping, now what do you do with it?”

The business networking will complement what is being provided by Bookkeeping Plus through its partnership with other local professional services companies that can guide small business owners on other aspects of their enterprise such as payroll, human recourses, tax preparation, marketing and IT.

The new company won’t bill hourly but has implemented value pricing with fees ranging from $250-$500 per month depending on the size and complexity of the clients bookkeeping needs.

“The value is in the Plus,” Fraley said, indicating that the goal is to provide an affordable solution for bookkeeping and help small businesses improve from the inside out. He indicated that the business is already up to almost 10 clients.