Team Annie working with trainer

Posted August 29, 2013 at 11:59 am

Robert is the human part of team Annie. He is working with Shawn who is teaching both Robert and Annie what they need to know to be a successful service dog team.

Robert was over seas during Desert Storm. He says that he was mostly on ship to go in with a mop-up crew and fix generators. He says he didn’t see any action.

Robert says that being a Marine for him was being an engineer working on the generators and helping the infantry and discipline. Robert says he got to travel around the world. He was in Austria, India, Okinawa and Africa.

Robert served in Afghanistan where he was one of the first units deployed. Robert served about 12 months. While he was in Afghanistan he managed eight motor pools that handled route clearance patrol equipment, eight machines working four man teams on a 71,000 ft. up mountain.

Robert now serves in the National Guard where he is a charge officer and does maintenance on bomb patrol. He is active about every three years. When he does R.C.P. or road clearance patrol or where bomb patrol goes out to find bombs.

Robert says in his spare time he is getting back into roping calves.

He has four children, a daughter who is in band, sewing and cooking; a son involved in football and video games; a son into calf roping and is a tender hearted guy and the last who is tough, he can chew up nails and spit them out as tooth picks and is state wrestling champion.

Robert says what he looks forward to from his service dog is companionship, help with his anxiety, agoraporbia and panic attacks. He want to get off some of his meds.