Coach Welch: The kids played with the heart of a champion

Posted September 12, 2013 at 12:09 pm

interception. He was just an all-around player. I’m glad for him. The lights kinda came on for him that second half. He was a difference maker in that second half.

Q. How did you score your touchdowns?

In the second half, Lance Molz went 57 yards on a sweep. The PAT by Justice Hall was good. Kason scored on a 35 yarder. The PAT was no good.

Kason scored on a short run, about five yards. Molz scored on about a two-yard run. We went for two on each of those and neither was good.

The punting game was good. Robert Keith averaged about 35 yards on five punts. We cut out penalties in half from the previous game. I think we only had about three penalties.

It was just a tremendous effort in the second half. We played on all three cylinders – we had our offense, defense and kicking game going. They lost four fumbles to us. We did not lose any fumbles and we didn’t have any interceptions.

The stats show that we had 477 yards of offense and they had 241. I don’t think that is right, but put that down.

I would want to give special mention to Colen Hedrick and Derek White and Kason Schwalm on defense. We had much improvement out of Blake Cluck on the defensive line. He improved a lot from Game 1.

As far as I’m concerned, Kason was the star of the game.

I’ll tell you what really got it going for us. We came out in the second half and I moved James Dubois to runningback. Boy, I’ll tell you what – he stuck it up in there and ran the ball hard. He’s very tough and was carrying people with him. He got us motivated and got us tightened up. Then I switched runningbacks and threw Lance Molz in there. He went around the end and went about 57 yards for a touchdown.

Q. Molz is as fast as Dubois is tough.

They compliment each other really well.

I’d probably give the offensive game ball to Dubois. He only had six or seven carries for about 50 yards, but every one of them was tough yards. He more or less got us going.

Q. Anything else?

I just thought the kids played with the heart of a champion in the second half. That is the kind of effort we are going to need to get something rolling here.

Q. I hope you go up there and beat Higginsville. If not, I hope you scare them.

You betcha. We’d like to make a good accounting of ourselves.

We were behind 12-0 at halftime and won 25-12, so the team played a lot better in the second half.

It was the tale of two halves.

Q. What did you do different?

Played ball. We didn’t do anything different. We just did it better.

Q. Were the boys excited?

Oh, they were. They haven’t had very many victories over Knob. I think it may be only the second one in many, many years. It gives them a lot of confidence going into this week.

Q, Who do you play this week?

We go to Higginsville.

Q. That’s a powerhouse, isn’t it?

Yes, they are. And then we have Clinton. Then we go to Springfield Central which is a 6A. Then we come back and play Nevada which is a 4A.

I’m telling you. Our kids have got some holes in them.

Q. It’s your schedule.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Q. I guess that ought to get you ready for districts.

If we are healthy.

Q. Tell me something official about the game.

Well, officially it was tale of two halves.

First half, we kinda came out and had the Stockton doldrums. We just kept failing in our execution. We missed assignments. We just didn’t play very well.

We talked at halftime. We didn’t make any adjustments. The kids just came out and it seemed like the lights came on and we played very well. They showed the heart of a champion. I was really proud of them the way they responded.

It is really big to play a team you are not used to beating, then to come from 12 points down and win the thing convincingly.

We even had them backed up inside their own 10 yard line with a minute to go and with a 13-point lead. We even had some breathing room at the end.

Q. How did the passing game go?

We were 9 out of 14 for about 60 yards. They only completed two passes, but one went for about a 50-yard touchdown.

Other than one long run, they had a couple of speedy halfbacks. We shut them down the whole game. They never did get outside and hurt us.

Q. Who was the quarterback?

Robert Keith.

Colten Hedrick and Derek White led the team in tackles. The defensive line played really well. Kason Schwalm had an outstanding second half – ran for a touchdown, caught a key pass, caused a couple of fumbles got an …..

Coach Welch: The kids played

with the heart of a champion