Hartzler asks to hear from MO-4 constituents on Syria

Posted September 12, 2013 at 1:23 pm

Good Day,

As this week’s newsletter is written, the U.S. remains on the verge of taking military action against the Assad regime in Syria. As your Representative in the U.S. House, I will be asked to vote on whether this country should get involved in a military confrontation in that part of the world. It is not a decision I take lightly.

I have strong reservations about the wisdom of carrying out an attack on Syria and doubts about what vital interests, if any, the United States has in this matter. In addition, to this point, no clear mission has been defined to my satisfaction, nor comprehensive strategy outlined for future contingencies which might occur should we intervene. However, I will not make a final decision until I return to Washington next week and have had a chance to review classified intelligence. I want to hear more from constituents of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District before making that final decision.

President Obama made a decision to seek Congressional authorization before taking any action in Syria. I am glad and believe it is not only prudent to hear from the American people via their elected representatives, but believe the Constitution demands it. I urge the President to listen to the will of Congress and the people before deciding on action. I will continue to pray to God for His guidance as the day of decision draws closer and ask you to do the same during this pivotal time in our nation’s history.

This week was the last of a number of in-district work weeks in which I had the opportunity to spend time touring our district, meeting with people and listening to their thoughts and ideas. This week’s travel included a visit to L.J. Daly Elementary School in Fayette to spend time with second- and third-grade students and to read to them.

As a former school teacher, I look forward to this time of year when classes resume for the new academic year. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the school to meet with teachers and administrators, and to see the smiling faces of the children who are so eager to learn. I read to them from: “And to Think That We Thought That We’d Never Be Friends,” a wonderfully illustrated book that uses rhyming verse to address ways to overcome differences. I look forward to my next opportunity to read to the precious children of MO-4.

While my visit gave the children a chance to ask questions and learn a little bit about what I do, the real benefit was that it sent a message that reading can be educational … and it can also be a lot of fun!

As the children of Missouri get acquainted with their teachers and their classes, I wish these young people – our future leaders – the very best in the new school year.

This week included a visit to Moberly, where I attended a Randolph County Farm Bureau meeting. As someone who grew up on a farm and still lives on one, I enjoy spending time with farmers and ranchers to hear topics of concern affecting their lives and their involvement in Missouri’s leading industry.

There is a lot of concern about federal government regulations affecting our country’s farmland and, of course, the progress of the Farm Bill. I shared with them that I am looking forward to returning to Washington to work for their interests by getting a Farm Bill passed by both chambers of Congress and sent to the President for his signature. As a member of the House Agriculture Committee it is my desire to serve the best interests of rural America by helping to secure the certainty of a five year Farm Bill which is both fair to taxpayers and good for consumers. It can be done.

There is much work to do as Congress reconvenes. I will keep you up to date on the major developments that affect the lives of you and your family members and, as always, look forward to hearing from you so, together, we can preserve America’s greatness.

Have a great week.