Posted September 12, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Ty Gaither 2 cc.tif

– Ty Gaither, attorney-at-law, has hung his shingle in Stockton. He brings years of experience from both sides of the table, a love of small towns and more that a passing interest in running for prosecuting attorney of Cedar County. With the current prosecutor, Rick Pohlsander, declaring his intention to run for associate judge, Gaither has decided to enter the race.

“I began as a prosecuting attorney and I’d like to finish up my career as one,” he said.

Originally from Zalma, MO, a town of 117 people between Poplar Bluff and Cape Girardeau, his journey to the legal profession took a rather circuitous route. He has a degree in biology and a Masters in Plant Pathology, a degree he finished while in law school.

He went to law school because a friend suggested he take the entrance exam. He was accepted at MU and after graduation started his career as an assistant prosecutor in Cole County for four years. After several years in Jackson County, he went into private practice as a criminal defense attorney for 20 years.

Meeting with Gaither is like diving into a stew of ideas, stories and questions. He speaks rapidly and thoughts bounce from one sentence to another and somehow congeal into a logical and interesting explanation centered around a main idea.

It’s no wonder he thrives in a courtroom or with the challenges of sailing or fishing on Lake Stockton.

Currently Gaither has offices in Joplin and Stockton at 101 E. Hwy 32, Suite A. Hours are 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday and Friday. He can be reached at (417)809-8451 or (417)624-3166. He invites people to stop by to say hello and get acquainted.