MoDOT says no signs, displays along roadsides

Posted September 19, 2013 at 10:09 am

MoDOT’s fall mowing operation is under way, and people are encouraged NOT to put up political, yard sale, real estate and other signs and items on public roadsides.

The signs jeopardize the safety of drivers and make it more difficult and time-consuming for workers to mow.

It also is illegal to post signs, put up displays, park vehicles and place other objects on the public right-of-way.


* It is unsafe for people to be on foot close to traffic putting up a sign or display.

* Signs and other items can block a driver’s vision along a highway or on side roads and driveways where they approach a highway.

* If a car runs off the road in an emergency and hits an obstacle, the driver may be hurt and vehicle damaged.

Removing Signs

It is against state law to place advertising signs or display materials on state highways. (Chapter 227.220 of Revised Statutes of Missouri)

Signs or displays may be removed by MoDOT workers. Items will be held at the nearest MoDOT maintenance facility for 30 days and then may be discarded.