The Rock Wall

Posted September 26, 2013 at 9:55 am

Kaleb Weaver has a piece of practical advice for all you nature lovers: “The snakes are still out.”

He, a little friend and his mom, Ronda, were on a nature outing when Kaleb started to pick up a can. Something caught his eye and he stopped in mid reach. He told his mom he thought something was in the can.

It was only a small copperhead.

– And last Tuesday night, Sept. 17, Wanda was working on the internet when a stinging lizard, aka scorpion, came sauntering into her office out of the hallway. When it almost touched her toe, she hot-footed it to the back and got her transportation device which she calls a broom. She bristled it to death and saved the body as evidence.

I’ve never seen a stinging lizard in Cedar County let alone in the city limits.

– Nuthin to do with copperheads or stinging lizards, but just in case you don’t know, we post funeral and visitation info and other late breaking stories on our web site about deaths and other events which happen between issues of the Sun. We do it with Twitter. Check periodically. Or, I’m told that if you are a Follower, when we post to our web page, you will automatically be notified.

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– Kimball and I went down to Cedar County Abstract Tuesday and got David Sibley stirred up and telling stories. I hadn’t heard about his escapades receiving and generously awarding used appliances to friends driveways, like Dave Hedrick when he lived in towns. And rearranging deck furniture for James Brackenridge. All anonymous, of course, until he bragged about it and the recipients asked. With friends like that, you don’t need any enemies. Dave didn’t need to decorate for Christmas that year, discovering after he had hauled away the stuff out of his driveway, a lot more suspended in the trees.

Maybe that is why, when I was taking a picture Monday evening at the golf pro shop of city championship winners, we heard a lot of honking and looked down the driveway. We couldn’t tell if David’s golf cart was pulling James Brackenridge’s pickup or being pushed by it. Turns out they were both late and David was slowing James down so he didn’t get another ticket.

Now, David had offered to help James fight some speeding ticket and was overheard by Judge Greg Beydler as he told James they would get all dressed up and go to court.

According to David, Judge Beydler, also a fellow golfer, seemed to relish the idea saying it was the only two he would give 30 days for contempt of court just for walking into the courtroom.