The Rock Wall

Posted October 3, 2013 at 9:59 am

What cha got on your mind this week? In a minute, I’ll tell you about poke juice for arthritis.

– But first, something that will save you some money if you are going to have an auction and has the potential to make you some money by drawing in more bidders. You’ll have to tell your auctioneer you want it in the Sun. Our way is to go old school and save you some money by just putting the description of your sale items in the newspaper and Sun Super Shopper. Then, for no additional charge, we’ll put your sale bill on our web site so anyone who is interested can see the pictures of your items.

Yes, we can run the full sale bill in the newspaper and the Sun Super Shopper and in color. But more space will cost a little more.

The text-only way is how Ernie Clawson and other auctioneers ran their sale bills for years. It was fairly recently that auctioneers started running their entire sale bill in the paper, which gives the auctioneer a lot more exposure. So naturally, the auctioneers want you to publish the entire sale bill. I don’t see entire sale bills in bigger newspapers because of the cost.

In addition to saving you some money, our way will get you to about 1,800 homes that no one else reaches, some as close as eight miles to El Dorado Springs. And it will get you to the 5,000 or so readers who view our web page each week.

Remember, you’ll have to tell your auctioneer what you want to do. It’s your money that you’ll keep on the table.

– Kimball told me that the ObamaCare computer network crashed Tuesday pretty well nationwide. Only $3 billion and three years down the drain.

– Does anyone feel safer with the Federal Government shut down? If it’s like many other things on the east and west coast, we’ll feel it here in about six months.

– For those of you interested in poke juice for arthritis, I think it’s time to pick the berries. It will take about five gallons of clusters to get enough juice to last any time at all. Ten gallons of pokeberry clusters should give you enough juice to last a year.

Don’t let the berries set in the bucket once you pick them. I did that once and they got mold. You can wash the clusters, knock off the berries (wearing rubber gloves) and work them up or you can freeze them until you are ready to mash them and squeeze out the juice (probably with a cheese cloth). Don’t mash the seeds.

Jan Cummings told me that her mother passed away at 101 having needle pointed the night before. When her mother was a young woman, her hands were so tortured from arthritis that she couldn’t hold an iron, back when irons were heated on a stove. Someone told her about poke juice but she was quite religious and didn’t want to mix it half and half with whiskey. Finally she relented after she realized that some medicines contain alcohol. And you only take a tablespoon a day.

When Jan’s mother went back to the doctor, he was amazed that her arthritis was gone.

I’ve tried the concoction. No one would ever accuse you of drinking it for a beverage.

Yes, I’d guess that it is poison, but many medicines have an LD factor (lethal dose). Dr. Casey and I have a division of labor – I don’t do medical advice and he doesn’t do newspaper. So, if you have questions, ask him. I’m just telling you what works for Jan and her brother and what worked for their mother.

Only problem is, her brother, Bob Atteberry, lives in Wichita, KS, and the city wanted to give him a ticket for letting weeds grow on his property – poke. Last I heard he was still a free man and taking his poke juice to stay limber.