Posted October 3, 2013 at 11:30 am

Sept 23 – John R Foley, Humansville, for DWS.

Report of theft from 905 West 32 Hwy. Reporting party stated his shop had been broken into over the weekend.

Report of domestic abuse at 20275 East 752 Rd. Reporting party stated her son strangled her. Deputy went to the scene and found no evidence of abuse.

A search warrant was performed by deputies at 29896 East 1300 Rd.

Report of a gunshot wound at 20275 East 752 Rd. Reporting party stated his mom had shot herself. Deputies and EMS responded to the scene.

Deputies arrested Tommy Coffin, Stockton, for receiving stolen goods and possession of a controlled substance.

Ambulance calls – 18405 East 752 Rd; 32 Hwy and Hospital Rd; 20275 East 7752 Rd

Sept 24 – Report of trespassers at Wagner Rd. and O Hwy. Reporting party stated some of the residence of the Amish community have been trespassing in his field leaving behind buggy tracks and beer cans.

Brendan Lee Stoll, El Dorado Springs, turned himself in on two Cedar County warrants both for probation violation.

Report of a fire at 97 Hwy and B Hwy in Jerico Springs. Reporting party stated a bale of hay and his baler were on fire. Jerico Springs
Fire Department responded.

Report of an animal being in the roadway at AA and N Hwys. Reporting party stated he had hit a cow that was out in the road.

Ambulance calls – 1401 South Park; Park and High

Sept 25 – Report of theft from 700 South Park. Reporting party stated her walled had been stolen and her debt cad used. ESPD notified .

Report of animal cruelty at 1855 East 166 Rd. Reporting party stated one of her dogs had been shot with a BB gun, one had been run over and it looks as if someone poisoned another dog.

Report of a dog barking and growling at 301 East Locust. Reporting party stated the neighbor’s dog come at her son barking and growling. Animal control contacted and the dog taken into custody.

Deputy transported Anthony D Cheek, Lamar, back to Cedar County from Barton County where he was being held on a Cedar County warrant.

Ambulance calls – 809 South Main; CCMH to Mercy Springfield Sept 26 – Report of theft at 12315 South 1501 Rd.

Report of drinking at the Walnut Festival. Reporting party stated there were a group of people drinking by the rides. Deputies handled the incident.

Ambulance calls – 116 West Marshall; 904 South Jackson; 1401 South Park

Sept 27 – Alvin Dunn, El Dorado Springs, arrested for probation violation.

Keith A Daniels, El Dorado Springs, arrested for probation violation.

Report of property damage at 401 East Logan, Jerico Springs. Reporting party stated someone mowing throwing debris into his car causing damage.

Report of a juvenile at Bongo’s Bistro threatening people with a knife.

Ambulance calls – Lift assist 301 South Park; Stockton park x 2; West 54 Hwy,; 1303 Greenridge Apt B1

Sept 28 – Report of theft at Stockton park. Reporting party stated there were items taken from the park through the night from the Walnut Festival

Report of property damage and possible theft at east 54 Hwy. Reporting party stated his gate lock had been cut.

Report of public property damage at Blake Street and RB Hwy. Reporting party stated the stop sign had been damaged by a vehicle

Received several reports of a careless and imprudent driver west bound on 54 Hwy heading towards El Dorado Springs. Several vehicles were run off the road. Deputy went to the location and apprehended the driver.

Report of theft at 1860 East 166 Rd. Reporting party stated her neighbor had stolen her scrap pan that she puts out for the animals. The neighbor also called to say she had the scrap pan and wanted it tested for poison because all her animals were dying.

Ambulance calls – 805 North Jackson; CCMH to Mercy Springfield; 307 West Gay; CCMH to Mercy Joplin

Sept 29 – Report of a single car non-injury motor vehicle crash at M Hwy and AA Hwy. Reporting party stated a vehicle had gone off in the ditch and driver was at her house not acting right. MSHP and deputies went to the scene and the driver was apprehend by deputies and arrested by the troopers.

Report of a stolen vehicle from 18800 East 752 Rd. Reporting party stated her vehicle was missing when she got home form work. MSHP was notified due to the car being seized in an active Highway Patrol investigation.

Ambulance calls – 400 East Hospital Rd; CCMH to Community Springs; 24695 East 1924 Rd/ 213 West Hayden; CCMH to Mercy Joplin