Singin’ in the Rain practice underway

Posted October 3, 2013 at 11:48 am

Play practice is underway for the El Dorado Springs production of Singin’ in the Rain. A total of 66 people are involved in the play this year and students grade 6-12 are included. There will even be some Elementary students to be named later to fill some small roles.

In the lead roles are Ben Vickers as Don Lockwood, Michaela Leedy as Kathy Selden, Sophia Marsh as Lina Lamont and Kyle Robertson as Cosmo Brown. Supporting actors include Cameron Collins playing R.F Simpson and Brandon Compton as Roscoe Dexter. Ensemble members include: Sydney Robertson, Kylie Goodwin, Landon Mays, Leah Stuebner, Kennedi Murdock, Tyler Goatley, Caleb Alexander, Katie Bruggeman, Hannah Robertson, John King, Brenna Dipman, Jessica Johnson, Caleb Miller, Brooke Murdock, Carolyn Todd, Amanda Dingerson, Anna Cartwright, Megan Stoll, Ashlee Hicks, Tori Fetters and Janel Brown.

The crew people are: Assistant Director Janel Brown, Assistant Director-in-training Megan Stoll, Stage Managers Caleb Miller and Anna Cartwright. Technical Theater Set and Production Crew: Walter Burk II, Destyni Hall, Ryan Johnson, Destiny Kelly, Ashlee Kicenski, Tristin Lightwine, Jonathon Micklich, Dakota Otte, Ryan Parshall, David Watson, Derek White and Adrian Wisner.

Choreographers are Kylie Goodwin, Season Miller, Caleb Miller, Sophia Marsh, Hannah Robertson, Sydney Robertson, Kyle Robertson and Michaela Leedy. Mrs. Nicole Smith is directing with Mr. Ron Alumbaugh volunteering as Musical Director. Mrs. Sandra Stewart and Mr. Kevin Rentel are also returning as Accompanist and Playmeister, respectively.

Other crew members include Deston Malek, Riley Jeffries, Sabrina Ruston, Andrea Nikodim, Alissa Steward, Gabby Sieleman, Megan Blystone, Kerilèe Cambra, Makaylee Reagan, Taylor Frazier, Landon Rock, Mirra Cornejo, Sarah Overman, Kaylee Griggs, Jordan Owens, Clifton Usher, Lance Hall, Colton Good and Emma Meyer.

Singin’ in the Rain starts at 7:00 pm but doors open at 6:30 on Nov.14, 15, 16 in the MS gym. Tickets will be sold by students in the play and at the doors. Tickets cost four dollars each.

Singin’ in the Rain is about two women fighting over a celebrity hot shot as Hollywood is switching from silent movies to talking pictures.

We are excited about how many actors and crew are involved in the play and we hope that you can make it to support all of them. This is a great entertaining evening for the whole family.