Mo. Supreme Court upholds governor’s authority

Posted October 3, 2013 at 11:52 am

Gov. Jay Nixon issued the following statement on Tuesday following the Missouri Supreme Court’s unanimous dismissal of the State Auditor’s challenge to the constitutional authority of Missouri governors to keep the budget in balance.

“In unanimously rejecting this lawsuit, the Missouri Supreme Court has confirmed once again that Missouri governors have the authority and the responsibility to rein in spending and keep the budget in balance – and over the past four and a half years, that is exactly what we have done,” Gov. Nixon said. “Even during tough economic times, the executive authority provided by our Constitution – and reaffirmed again by the Court today – has allowed us to maintain strict fiscal discipline and protect Missouri’s perfect AAA credit rating. At a time of continued fiscal turmoil in Washington, this strong constitutional framework is vital to keeping our budget in balance and our economy moving forward.”