TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Posted October 24, 2013 at 11:16 am

TOPS CHAPTER 0319 El Dorado Springs met at the Church of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Oct. 17, for the weekly weigh in and meeting.

Leader Dorothy opened the meeting and Kay led us in singing “We’ll Lose Weight”. We said our pledges and had roll call. Twenty-three weighed in today. There were some who had good losses. Linda W had a 2 lb. loss, Judy K had a 2 lb. loss and Marasia had a 5.8 lb. loss, making her our best loser for the week. Way to go Marasia. You are doing great.

We had a circle of those who lost weight that unwrapped the loser prize. Linda W won the prize. Dorothy won the grab bag prize.

Linda H gave out the awards to those who were not here to receive them last Thursday. Judy K received a Back in Black with Perfect Attendance certificate. Linda Witt received $3.50 for being one of two best losers last month. Linda also received her Back in Black with Perfect Attendance certificate, a charm for having six weeks of continual weight loss and a certificate and charm for her 10 pound loss. Congratulations, Linda.

Judy K. read a letter she had received from Annie Spencer. Annie was a long time KOPS member of our club. She recently moved to Huntsville, AL and we all miss her, but wish her well in Alabama. It was nice to hear from her.

Lynda B gave the program today entitled, “The Right of Appetite”

She said we hear much today about eating too much of the wrong food, but even in the Bible, there were many who ate the wrong things, because they were tempted by them.

Today, advertising and offerings that we see are hard to resist. We see beautiful cakes with gooey frosting, or big plates of fried foods that looks so good. Sometimes, you just have to try them, but the more we taste these good foods the more we want to eat of it. Overeating is hard to control when so much of our lives are associated with food. Our social lives many times are centered around food and drink. We have Church functions, birthday parties, holidays or any kind of celebration seems to include great food and eating. This all seems to lead to bulging waistlines. We can eat or drink ourselves into many diseases. Food is fuel for the body, but we must be disciplined. But we tend to overeat, sometimes for days. Many years ago, a large part of our population was in agriculture and they ate very good, but they worked very hard to produce the foods that they grew. Today we don’t work as hard physically as the farmers did, so we don’t work off the weight if we overeat. The one thing we need to remember is “Choose Self-Discipline”. Good program, Lynda.

Robbie reminded us of the TOPS Fall Rally next Saturday on the 26th. Registration starts at 8 am, and the Rally will start between 9 and 9:30. It will be at Mount Hope Church at Joplin/Webb City. The theme is Western, and we can wear our western clothes and boots.

We were reminded that after the TOPS meeting next Thursday, Oct. 24, we will be working on Santa Room crafts.

Please remember the Cochran family, Doris S. the Ellis’s, Felicia, Jessica and Rita Miller and family. Keep these people in your prayers.