Schierek changes uniforms

Posted November 7, 2013 at 1:37 pm

El Dorado Springs Police Chief Jarrod Schierek visited with the El Dorado Springs City Council at their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 4. He told the council that the police department has receive a matching grant for bulletproof vests through the Department of Justice. The Bulletproof Grant Partnership is for $1,800. Schiereck said the department would like to get a level 3A vest that has a soft trauma chest plate. The $3,600 total from the grant and the city will not replace all the vests. The council commented that they would like to see that all officers who need new vests,have theirs replaced.

Schiereck pointed to the dark blue uniform he was wearing and asked if the council liked it. He said everybody that he had asked said they liked it. He went on to explain that the darker uniform he was wearing was less expensive and longer wearing that the French blue shirts and dark blue trousers with the French Blue stripe that the officers are currently wearing. He said the LAPD Navy blue uniforms he was proposing were breathable, multi seasonal and washable. He was requesting that that they buy two sets of trousers and two shirts for each officer for about $130.

Since both items, uniforms and vests, are in the police department’s budget, there was no need for the council to take action.

All councilmen were present Mayor Brad True, Jerry Friar, Gene Floyd, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin. City Manager Bruce Rogers was absent and City Clerk Lisa Allison sat in for him.

Allison read a thank you note from the El Dorado Springs Marching Band and Band Boosters regarding city’s help with the Band Fest on Oct. 12.

The council approved a resolution appointing Frank Haynes as a temporary member of the City of El Dorado Springs Board of Adjustment. The appointment is for one month and is necessary to because one of the board members has a justifiable reason for being unable to attend a meeting and there is a pending application that must be addressed.

The council approved a supplemental agreement and a change order with Bishops Construction Company for seal coating and apron reconstruction at the airport in the amount of $27,507.71. Allison pointed out that the city is only responsible for 10% of that amount. The other 90% is covered by the state grant.

The council voted on the second and final reading of an ordinance that amended Article II Section 10-51 of the Rural Fire Protection Program. Rural fire dues will increase from $50 to $65 per year in 2014.

True mentioned the issue of combining the Quad Lakes Districts and as the city’s representative he will attend several meetings concerning it.

There was a general discussion of the old Casey’s Restaurant building on Hwy 54. Bland asked if there was anything new concerning the building. True said the owner of the building was supposed to have been in town in October. He said he believed the owner was considering tearing it down and putting up another building, but would check with City Manage Bruce Rogers when he returns.