Order trees and shrubs from MDC

Posted November 14, 2013 at 10:16 am

The Vernon County University Extension Center now has the order forms for seedling trees and shrubs. These seedlings, grown by the Missouri Department of Conservation, are sold to persons desiring to make conservation plantings. Plantings may be made for such purposes as Christmas trees, the production of wood products, wildlife food and cover, windbreaks, erosion control, nut production or beautification.

The application blank lists the species that are available and the price. It also outlines the ordering procedure. Applications can be picked up at the Vernon County Extension office, 100 W. Cherry, Courthouse, Nevada and are also available on-line at mdc.mo.gov/node/3328.

In addition to individual species choices, several bundles of mixed species, designed for special purpose planting, may be purchased. These include wildlife-cover bundle, conservation bundle, quail cover bundle, wild edibles bundle, nut tree bundle and wetland bundle.

Pat Miller, County Program Director, urges cooperators to place their order for trees as soon as possible because reservations for trees are made on a “first come, first served” basis.

The time you place your order not the delivery date — determines your priority for reserving trees. So, to be sure of getting the species desired, order now. Trees will be delivered by purchaser’s choice of one of two methods:

1. Free shipment by commercial carrier at the date of purchaser’s selection.

2. Purchaser may pick up trees at the State Nursery near Licking.

Pat Miller suggests that people planning to make large plantings request free advice from the Missouri Department of Conservation Forester or Wildlife Services Biologist for their area.

University of Missouri Guide Sheets: How To Plant Forest Trees, Before You Order Tree Seedlings, Planning Tree Windbreaks in Missouri and Mechanical Tree Planting are among those available at the University Extension Center in each county or online at extension.missouri.edu..