Coaches year-end report – Part II

Posted November 14, 2013 at 10:36 am

By Bulldogs Head Football Coach Harv Welch

Coaching is about control: Coaching a football program doesn’t start with the Varsity in August – end with the Varsity in November. It is year-round and it is program wide. We are responsible for player retention, parental-community support/player off-season development and weights/team cohesion and building.

It is my responsibility to do my due-diligence to create the best football team the school can offer all year long.

This isn’t soccer/basketball where I just let the five fastest play and cut everyone else. Coaching is about taking the talent you have and teaching assignments, game plan against specific opponents, limit our liabilities and accentuate our strengths in the course of a 48 minute game 120-plays).


If you are consistently only playing 15-16 kids a game, and not looking for opportunities to play more kids, I can’t see how that blueprint will ever lead to a championship caliber program. You may have a very few times when the talent of those few kids may get you to the play-offs, but I can’t see the program developing strength to be a solid contender on a yearly basis.

The second tier players are the second string players who we are making an investment to “coach-up.” You would be surprised at how much a kid will do in the off-season when he knows he has a chance to start. That he is being counted on to produce.

When you platoon, you get about five minutes preparation per play versus two minutes per play for two-way programs.

In addition, now you actually have a “true” scout team to go against your number one’s in-group time. Platooning requires better coaching, as technique becomes the primary factor. Your coaches have to be better prepared.

When you platoon, you really have a ton of time to game plan, make adjustments. Plus, it really promotes more interest in your program. More players playing equals more parents becoming involved equals more community involvement equals more money.

We are excited about the changes we are about to make. We hope the parents/community will support us in this challenge to bring respectability to a perinially down-trodden system.

2014-15 varsity football schedule “Tentative”

Aug. 15 – Jamboree; Aug. 22 – Stockton; Aug. 29 – Ava; Sept. 5 – Ash Grove; Sept. 12 – Knob Knoster; Sept. 19 – Lighthouse Christian Academy; Sept. 26 – OPEN; Oct. 3 – Pierce City; Oct. 10 – Strafford; Oct. 17 – Adrian and Oct. 24 – District.