Visiting a family of Entrikins

Posted November 21, 2013 at 10:30 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Oct.24, Marilyn Entrikin got a new great-grandson. He is still in the hospital because he is a preemie. Brady and Tiffany named him Kaleb Marshal. Chris and Kyla are his grandparents.

Danny Hogan came for a visit this week with Tex McKinley. Pecans were their topic.

Mary Leer’s sister, May’s, husband passed away this week. Mary’s son, Jimmy, and Glenda Leer took her to the funeral on Saturday.

Marilyn Entrikin played bingo on Friday. She won one game. They had grapes and apple slices with caramel dip for a snack. Yummy.

Marilyn Entrikin said the holidays are coming so much faster than they used to. I agree. Our tomcat, Tommy, has been going with Tex and Dora Jean to check the pecan trees. He loves to go and ride in the back of the truck so he can see the trees and everything he likes to see. When we stop to look he gets out and looks too. He is ready to go when we go. When we went the other day, he was in the bed of the truck. When looking back about two minutes later, he was gone. We checked for his whereabouts, after looking, he was on top of the cab of the truck. With us, that is a no, no. He rode with us home.

Doug Wingate stopped by Friday night to see Tex McKinley. Deer hunting was the topic of the day, with the next day being the big day.

Wednesday Marilyn Entrikin had lunch with a friend, Thelma, from Lamar. They ate at Chinese Chef.

On Thursday, Marilyn Entrikin and next door neighbor, Dilly, entertained eight students from the women’s studies class at Cottey. They listened to some old classics on CD while looking through old photo albums. They told the girls about the gold old day before all the modern convenience we have now. Of course we had some tasty snacks.

Saturday, Marilyn Entrikin went to the Country Christmas tour in Rich Hill with Peggy Entrikin and daughter, Ashley Arwood. They got some pretty scarves and some delicious pastries.

Then on to Steve and Rose Entrikin’s house. Josh, Brittany and family came for supper. Lots of fun.

Church on Sunday and over to Chris and Kyla Entrikin’s for a visit. Watched home movies of their vacation.

Then on to Brady and Tiffany Entrikin’s house to see the new baby. Kaleb is a little snuggly guy. Great-gran, Marilyn, got to feed him. His big sister, 15-month-old Kierston, is taking very good care of him. Great-gran, Marilyn, has had a full week.

Marilyn is hoping to get some pecans. Steve and Rose have a lot of pecans.

Happy birthday J.D. Wingate.