City readies for Christmas

Posted November 21, 2013 at 12:29 pm

City Manager Bruce Rogers informed the El Dorado Springs City Council on Monday, Nov. 18, that the Annual Christmas Lighting was scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 25, in the City Park. After the meeting he told the Sun that city crews will put up Christmas decorations later this week.

All City Councilmen were present, Mayor Brad True, Jerry Friar, Gene Floyd, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin. City Clerk Lisa Allison was also present.

Jim Swopes, Jim Ogle and Sam Stout from the American Iron Car Club spoke during the public forum. They requested the date of Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014, for their next car show. Swopes said that the club had approximately 150 cars this year and did well enough to donate $2,000 to the Senior Center and an extra $500 to the Agriculture Department for bringing a petting zoo to the event. The club pays the city $175 to cover the electricity, set up barricades and use the parking lot at the Civic Center. Swopes said he would like to see the downtown merchants get involved and even have a local civic group have a pancake feed. Rogers mentioned the Wayside Inn Museum has had a breakfast on the morning of the car show in the past.

Rogers said he would check the date to verify there hasn’t been anything else scheduled. The council voted to approve the request as long as there wasn’t a conflict. Swopes said that the people that attend loved the downtown area and said it was a great show.

The council approved a resolution approving an agreement for the annual city audit with Davis, Lynn and Moots PC from Dec. 2 – 6. Rogers said that last year audit cost $11,175 and this year’s will be $11,400.

The council approved a resolution approving a pole attachment with KAMO Power. KAMO wants to attach a fiber optic cable from their local regional office to their switch tower. To do that, they need to attach to city poles. The initial agreement will be at a cost of $5 per pole per year, $10 per pole per year for 69kV poles. The agreement calls for a $1 per year increase over the next five years.

Also with the resolution, the council approved an ordinance allowing KAMO to put their fiber optic cable across city property.

Rogers announced that this is the second week of leaf pickup. The final week for leaf pick-up will be Dec. 9 – 13.

He also said the buildings and grounds crew is installing the new wood shake shingle on the Sunderwirth Bandstand.

Rogers commented that the recycling trailers have been delivered and lettered, but Kevin MCullough is waiting on the titles to arrive to have them licensed and insured. They will accept cardboard, paper, glass, plastic and aluminum cans.

Councilman Floyd said that he was going to campaign to have something done with the “eye-sore” tennis courts in the City Park. He said he would like to see something done by next year. He stated that the green paint is ”the ugliest green paint I’ve ever seen.”

Floyd would like to find ways to utilize the courts. Bland asked if the concrete slab at the ball fields that was supposed to be a skate board park was too small for a regulation size tennis court. Rogers said he believed it to be too small. Bland said he thought the park west of the Church of God (Holiness) would a great place for tennis courts.

Bland asked about the status of the cameras in the Park. Rogers said the recorder and some of the cameras are in and more cameras are ready to install.

.Bland asked if the City can condemn some of the junky places in town. Roger stated it can be done, but it is a lengthy and expensive procedure. Bland asked if the owner of the old Casey’s Restaurant could have the Amish tear it down. Rogers said he could, but if there is asbestos in the building, the law requires a certain way that it be handled, no matter who tears it down.

Friar asked about the status of the house on the northwest corner of Jackson and Spring. Rogers commented that the property was given away by the bank and the new owners would like to fix it up.