Emperor has no clothes

Posted November 21, 2013 at 12:47 pm


In a recent letter outlining a few of President Obama’s most outrageous lies and misstatements it seems that a woman in Stockton, Ms. Lindberg, took exception to the story and took me to task for the contents. There is no doubt she has been beating the drum for this misplaced man and thinks he can do no wrong.

She thinks there are magic words that will make people hate our President but she fails to take into consideration that the magic words are coming from Mr. Obama’s mouth himself. People bought a “pig in a poke” and thought he was something he isn’t and now are seeing that the Emperor really has no clothes on. Not only is he totally naked, he still thinks he is fully clothed in the people’s eyes.

The only thing that elevated him to his present exalted position was Political Correctness. That is the only thing he has ever had going for him and everyone can see that he has no leadership qualities whatsoever. The Russian President reads him like a book and he is afraid to cross Putin in any way, shape or form. Obama wanted to intervene in Syria and even drew his “Red Line” to frighten the Syria leadership but when Putin called his bluff he backed down so fast he fell over his own feet.

His reason for the Syrian intervention was that gas was used to kill Syrian people and they even killed some children and that was too much for his high moral values, but it doesn’t bother him in the least for abortion in this country which has taken the lives of millions of children by he can live with that for it buys him votes with the women’s rights group.

Obama’s blatant lies about the cost of Obamacare are now so obvious that peole are seeing it hit them in the pocketbook and now they see him for the liar that he truly is. The IRS scandal and Lois Lerner being forced to take the Fifth Amendment to escape having to testify before Congress and possibly incriminate her boss, gives one food for thought. Now it seems Obama knew nothing about foreign leaders and governments being spied upon, so if he didn’t, who in the heck was running the Office of President? It could have been anyone, but for sure it wasn’t him. No one can find out where Obama was during the time our four citizens were being murdered in Benghazi and he had the gall to send Susan Rice out to spread lies about the cause of the terrorist attacks for he had already told the world that he had destroyed the Al Quida Terrorist organizations so it couldn’t have been them.

What we see here is only the tip of the Obama iceberg, we know that the other 90 percent is under water and if he can change the subject to immigration reform perhaps he can fire up the old teleprompter and B.S. his self out of another problem.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs