Judge upholds ballot initiative changing campaign contributions rules

Posted December 12, 2013 at 2:17 pm

By Taylor Beck

A Missouri judge upheld the constitutionality of an initiative petition that could put campaign contribution limits on the ballot.

The court sided against retired investor and prolific campaign contributor Rex Sinquefield who filed the lawsuit in August to prevent the petition from reaching the ballot. He argued it contained misleading language and would infringe on free-speech rights. Sinquefield has donated millions to both Republican and Democratic candidates and campaigns in recent years.

The petition still has to obtain enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. It is being pushed by Missouri Roundtable for Life, an anti-abortion rights group.

In a written statement Dec. 4, the group said the petition “does not limit how much a candidate can raise or spend or limit what political action committees can spend on a race. It simply limits the amount of money a candidate or political party can receive from any one individual or PAC. What could possibly be wrong with increasing the influence voters have over their candidates?”