Posted December 19, 2013 at 10:58 am

Dec 2 – Ambulance calls – 13260 East 1610 Rd; 326 West Spring

Dec 3 – Ambulance calls -301 South Park; 54 Hwy and First St; 200 McCrary Circle; CC Hwy and 97 Hwy; 1201 Eats Patricia; 400 East Hospital Rd

Dec 5 – Report of theft at 12096 South 1915 Rd. Reporting party stated their garage had been broken into and several items were taken.

Report of theft at 317 West Elm, Stockton. Reporting party stated there were several thing taken out of the garage.

Ambulance calls – 1800 South Park; 326 West Spring; 219 West Twyman x 2; CCMH to CMH Bolivar; 805 North Jackson; 400 East Hospital Rd; 408 North Grand

Dec 6 – Report of theft at 11440 South 2401 Rd. Reporting party stated they noticed a few things missing and the door had been pried open.

Ambulance calls – 805 North Jackson; 1401 South Park; 1402 South Park; 400 East Hospital Rd; 304 North Main

Dec 7 – Ambulance calls – 405 South Park; 805 North Jackson; 408 North Grand

Dec 8 – Report of a careless and imprudent driver on 32 Hwy heading west into town from Friendship Hills. Reporting party gave a vehicle description and location. Deputy pulled the vehicle over.

Ambulance calls – 1401 South Park; 805 North Jackson; CCMH to Mercy Springfield; 13620 East 1610 St; 1329 South 32 Hwy; 15800 South 1801 Rd

Dec 9 – Arrest: Johnathan Wayne Grover, Stockton, on a Cedar County warrant for tampering with a motor vehicle.

Report of a motor vehicle crash on 1425 Rd. Vehicle had left the road way and turned on it’s side. There was one vehicle involvement with injury. Chapel Hills Fire, deputy and ambulance went to the scene.

Deputy transported Joshua Mincks, Bolivar, from PCSO to CCSO to be detained on a Cedar County warrant for failure to appear.

Ambulance calls – 13085 N Hwy; 300 North Jackson; 2972 South 1st; street, 1425 Rd; 405 East Park x 2; CCMH to Mercy Joplin; ESPD; 229 West Pine

Dec 10 – Arrest: Earl Pinkman, El Dorado Springs, on a Cedar county warrant.

Report of a careless and imprudent driver on South Allison Road. Reporting party stated a silver 2000 Buick passed a school bus. MSHP was advised of the location, infraction, descriptors and plate information.

Ambulance calls – Community Springs Nursing Home x 2; 3255 South 201 Rd; CCMH to Community Springs Nursing Home; 5110 south 1525 Rd; 14305 South 2425 Rd; 311 South Street – Jerico Springs.

Dec 11 – Arrests: David Ray Pinkman, El Dorado Springs, on a Cedar County warrant for probation violation.

Victor G Sylvia III, El Dorado Springs, on a Cedar County warrant for domestic assault.

Received a report of a suspicious vehicle on 1251 Rd in El Dorado Springs. Truck ended up to be stolen out of Roscoe. Deputies went to the scene and recovered vehicle.

Report of a house fire at 1865 Rd. Reporting party stated her neighbor's house was on fire and was almost gone. Deputies, ambulance and Stockton Fire went to the scene, no one was hurt in the fire.

Report of a house fire at 803 Hal. Reporting party stated her stove was on fire which lit the rest of the structure on fire. Reporting party did not want to leave the structure due to animals being in the home. Deputies, Stockton First Responders, Stockton Fire and EMS went to the scene.

Ambulance calls – 1402 South Park; 904 South Allison; 306 North Main; 9775 South 97 Hwy; CCMH to St. Lukes East.

Dec 12 – Report of domestic disturbance on N Hwy. Reporting party stated his mom was drunk and had been pushing him. Deputy went to the scene and handled the situation.

Report of theft from Dollar General in Stockton. Deputy responded.

Arrests: Megan Rae Hufferd, Stockton for theft.

John Christopher Mygan, Stockton, on a Cedar County warrant.

Ambulance calls – 301 South Park ; 1401 South Park; 19479 East 1200 Rd; 304 South Vernon; 314 East Patricia; CCMH to Community Springs; 611 West Forth; 1401 South Park; 9775 South 97 Hwy

Dec 13 – Report of a gas drive off at Hot Spot. Deputy responded and handled the incident.

Ambulance calls – 1207 South M; CCMH to Freeman Joplin; 400 East Hospital Rd; 1815 East 166 Rd; CCMH to Community Springs; 800 North Main

Dec 14 – Report of fight at 710 South Grand. Reporting party stated a man was fighting with his dad and her. Two Deputies went to the scene.

Arrest: Fred Leroy Whisler Jr, Stockton, for domestic assault- 2nd degree.

Report of a motor vehicle crash on Hwy 32 just northeast of Hwy RA. Crash involved one vehicle and driver denied medical attention. Reporting party stated he had hit the accelerator instead of the brake after loosing traction due to ice. MSHP was called to the scene due to the fact the reporting party's vehicle had gone through a fence which is damage to private property.

Report of theft at 22330 east 850 Rd. Reporting party stated several things were taken. Deputy handled the incident.

Report of a motor vehicle crash at 906 South Street. Reporting party stated a truck had run through the fence. Deputy went to the scene and the driver was gone on arrival. MSHP was advised and went to the scene.

Arrests: Racheal Trammel, Stockton, on a warrant.

Kyle Robert Ewing, El Dorado Springs, on a warrant.

Ambulance calls – CCMH to Mercy Springfield; 606 North Main; 15400 East 524 Rd; 301 South Park; 1401 South Park; 20663 East Hwy 32

Dec 15 -Arrest: Christopher B Austin, El Dorado Springs, on a Taney County warrant for failure to appear.

Report of a structure fire at 5217 South 701 Rd. The structure was a shed, no one was injured. Ambulance and El Dorado Fire units went to the scene.

Ambulance calls – 310 South Park; 2889 South 175 Rd; 3255 South 201 Rd; 1303 Greenridge; 16004 East Hwy 32