Cut Al Sharpton loose

Posted December 19, 2013 at 11:17 am


Politics we know can be a rough and tumble business and anyone entering into this arena has to have a tough skin to be able to last but there are limits that any sane person should obey and lines no one should cross.

Since Sarah Palin was picked to run for Vice President of the United States with John McCain, few people have been attacked in as vicious a manner as she and her entire family has been subjected to the most outrageous slander one can imagine.

Sarah’s youngest child is a Down’s Syndrome child and she was told this fact early in her pregnancy but with her Christian background she chose not to abort this baby but rather to carry him to term and give birth and make him a part of her family. For this, she has my highest admiration. In a time when millions of babies have been murdered in the womb, she chose life for this gift from God.

Recently she made a statement that “being in debt is being in slavery.” For this statement she was attacked in the most vile manner by a newsperson attached to NBC. Martin Bashir made this attack evidently without any ideas as to the source of Sarah’s quote and it is understandable that he would not know for it is doubtful if he had studied the Bible but evidently Sarah has. There are many references in the entirety of the Bible about not being in debt. But the book of Proverbs chapter 22 verse 7 is very clear on this subject. Quote: The rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender..

Mr. Bashir did apologize for his remarks as well he should and shortly thereafter he was allowed to resign from NBC. Now if they would cut Al Sharpton loose they might gain a bit more creditability.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs