The Rock Wall

Posted December 26, 2013 at 9:33 am

The RockWall

Davis and I took your newspaper to Pittsburg to be printed, Kenny being waaay under the weather. So, we need to thank all the Sun folks that did such a great job in his absence. In fact, we need to thank all the people who have been so kind and generous throughout the year.

Take a few moments in the next couple of days and think back on all the wonderful things that happened to you this year. The bad times will always come, but cherish and remember the good ones.

This via e-mail from Bob Coleman. “Saw your write up regarding Clemit Casey’s old restaurant now in the process of being razed. I was a new contractor in town at the time, however, I had been working for Dr. Casey who had just recently set up his new practice, Doc Casey introduced me to Clemit while I was in town and asked if I would bid on a restaurant addition to the existing facility. I got the approval to start the project. When removing the front facade, we discovered a four foot by eight sign. That faded sign said Adams Dairy Café. Anyway, Clemit had us to transport it to his residence. After the new addition was complete, he decided to remodel the existing facility and add a kitchen area to the back. This happened in early 1982. It was a welcome start to a new contractor in town.”

We want to remind you that we still have a first baby contest. The prizes, offered by local merchants, go to the first baby of the New Year born to parents who reside in one of the areas served by the El Dorado Springs Sun. That list is right above the Rock Wall column. It doesn’t matter where they’re born. The baby’s parents need to live in one of those areas. Call as soon as you know.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. I don’t think that prosperous without the happy really goes very far.