Kander announces initiative petitions amending Article X of the MO Constitution open for public comment

Posted December 26, 2013 at 10:39 am

Secretary of State Jason Kander today announced that his office has received four initiative petitions amending Article X of the Missouri Constitution, and the initiative petitions are now open for public comment. Petitions 2014-96, 2014-97, 2014-98, 2014-99, were submitted by Marc Ellinger. Missourians can provide public comment at http://www.sos.mo.gov/comment.

The 15-day public comment period allows Missourians to offer their observations on the submitted proposal online, by mail or phone.

Before circulating petitions for signatures, state law requires that groups must first have the form of their petition approved by the secretary of state’s office. The office then has 10 days after the form of the petition is approved to draft ballot summary language. During this time, the office will review all comments.

In his first month in office, Kander instituted the public comment process, which included posting the proposed initiative petition online as soon as its form was approved, to make the process more accessible and transparent for Missourians. This process has been expanded to post the petition within 24 hours after it is received by the office to provide a greater opportunity for Missourians to provide comments on the proposed initiative.