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Posted December 26, 2013 at 10:40 am

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My Fellow Missourians,

My, my, how time flies by! We are fast approaching the final curtain call on 2013. For the past two months I have been holding Listening Post Meetings and encouraging concerned citizens to answer a 17 question survey on the issues that I expect to come up during the 2014 Legislative Session.

The following is a condensed version of the survey questions returned by 100 constituents throughout District 125:

1. Do you support keeping term limits for state legislators at the maximum combined total of 16 years, but allowing any combination of years served in the Missouri House and/or Senate up to 16 years total?

Yes 63 No 35 Undecided 2

2. Would you be in favor of the Director of Agriculture being an elected position to be able to serve two 4-year terms?

Yes 48 No 37 Undecided 13

3. Do you believe a better way to help pay for roads and bridges is with a dedicated state sales tax rather than a higher state fuel tax?

Yes 57 No 25 Undecided 12

4. Do you favor Missouri adopting the Medicaid Expansion for Health Care?

Yes 24 No 55 Undecided 16

5. Would you be in favor of adopting Daylight Savings time year round?

Yes 56 No 35 Undecided 6

6. If a company has no brick & mortar store or warehouse in the state of Missouri, they are not required by Federal law to collect our state sales tax. Do you think that this tax needs to be collected and sent to our Department of Revenue?

Yes 54 No 36 Undecided 9

7. Would you favor all public works projects in 3rd class counties to opt out of having to pay the state prevailing wage, which is usually based on the Kansas City/St. Louis pay scale?

Yes 78 No 17 Undecided 4

8. Would you be in favor of Missouri becoming a “Right to Work” state?

Yes 81 No 12 Undecided 6

9. Do you favor a photo I.D. to vote?

Yes 80 No 13 Undecided 5

10. Do you favor a photo I.D. on food stamp cards to help reduce fraud?

Yes 93 No 5 Undecided 1

11. Would you be in favor of school district lines to be redrawn to help reduce transportation costs?

Yes 61 No 20 Undecided 17

12. Do you feel that a military veteran who has been taught how to use a firearm should be required to attend a hunter safety course in order to purchase a hunting license to hunt?

Yes 28 No 67 Undecided 2

13. Currently, an owner of farm land in Missouri who lives out of state due to work, must purchase an out of state deer tag to hunt on his or her own land. Do you agree?

Yes 16 No 78 Undecided 5

14. Are you in favor of allowing voters to have building codes in 3rd class counties?

Yes 36 No 47 Undecided 13

15. In 2014, the Missouri General Assembly will again consider legislation that would reinstate the $350,000 cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. Do you favor?

Yes 67 No 17 Undecided 16

16. Would you be in favor of changing the date that the primary elections occur to Tuesday after the first Monday in June in order to have a longer time period between the Primary and General Elections?

Yes 11 No 23 Undecided 5

17. Would you be in favor of not allowing schools to start until Tuesday following Labor Day?

Yes 19 No 14 Undecided 6

If you would like to be added to the e-mail list to receive our Capitol Reports, you can e-mail me or call the Capitol office at 573-751-4065 and talk to Debbie Poire, my Legislative Assistant.

“Looking Onward”

Warren D. Love, State Representative

Serving the good people of the 125th District

Warren Love