The Rock Wall

Posted January 9, 2014 at 11:25 am

I’ve finished my three Christmas books, “The Psychopath Inside,” “Killing Jesus” and “Washington’s Secret Six.” I’m now prowling around looking for other titles of interest. Got any recommendations?

Before driving to work Monday, I called Rusty Norval. Rusty and Jill live on the Cedar County – St. Clair County line, like I do, just a few miles closer to town. Several years ago Rusty pulled me out of a snowdrift that had piled up west of his house. I called for a drift report and to make sure he was available just in case. Luckily for both of us, the road was in great shape and Davis and I made it to town without nose diving in to a drift like a polar bear after a seal or rolling down a hill (I’ve done that) after a nasty slip on the ice.

We experienced the effects of bad road conditions last Friday coming back from Springfield. Just about a mile from our turn off at Cedar Springs, a trucker jackknifed his rig and the trailer came to rest all the way across the road. No one was hurt and apparently we were the first ones on the scene after the accident, because we were first in line to skedaddle once the trailer was moved. Two huge wreckers slowly sailed in from Collins and waltzed the trailer around, off the road and parked it on the north shoulder. It all looked so simple. We were just glad to get home and not spend all night stranded on the side of the road.

It was a good weekend for football. Davis’s dog, Caddee, is proudly wearing her #9 Saints jersey. I don’t know if she really cares if the Saints won. More likely she just likes the extra protection from the cold. Even a fur coat can’t turn all the chill.

I haven’t heard any horror stories accompanying the Polar Vortex, aka winter weather. Most folks understand that the best way to deal with weather like this is to STAY INSIDE.

Two things to remember: 1 – We are still awaiting the arrival of the First Baby of the New Year born to parents that reside in an area served by the Sun. Please let us know, so local merchants can present them with their First Baby gifts; 2 – last week we started the story of Lily, the search and rescue dog, on page eight. This will be the second installment sponsored by Evans Drugs. KSL