Get this country moving again

Posted January 16, 2014 at 2:45 pm


It is my hope that next year at this time, the Speaker’s gavel will be back in the hands of Nancy Pelosi. But, nothing is guaranteed. Even though the Republicans shut down the government, cut off unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of unemployed, cut off food aid for hungry children and did other unspeakable things in the past year, some people are blind in their political loyalty and will vote for them anyway.

However, I think I have a formula that will help Democrats keep the Senate and recapture the House. It involves 1) Unemployment rate falling to six percent by Election Day; 2) gas prices continuing to fall, going below $3 a gallon on both coasts; 3) wider acceptance of Affordable Care Act, which seems to be happening and 4) no more scandals involving the White House, whether invented or real

But to put the Democrats over the top, we` need more than the above. We need turnout of the exact same people who voted for Obama in 2012. They need to show up at the polls this November. This election is every bit as important as that one, to get this country moving again.


David Shipp

Castro Valley CA