In regards to Zolas Thompson

Posted January 16, 2014 at 2:45 pm


I am writing in regards to the Thompson, Hardin, Pennington and Jackson family history information contained in the obituary of Zolas C. Thompson.

There are a couple of errors contained in these family histories. I believe that Roland and William J. Jackson Descend from Lindsey J. (Tink) Jackson which would make them cousins or possibly second cousins of John A. Jackson rather than nephews. John A. Jackson’s daughter was her father’s secretary prior to her death in 1917. Apparently America took over after her daughter’s death. A major error is the statement that Zolas was the last of several generations of these pioneer families. There are at least two groups of descendents of Abner Jackson and wife, Samantha J. Brown, (at least one person with the Jackson surname); a group descending from John A. Jackson Jr. through daughter Eva, and husband, Daniel Oliver Brown (nephew of Samantha J. Brown) and a group descending from William J. Jackson and wife, Cora E Thompson.

While I am not related to any of these families I have done research on the Jackson family for relatives and acquaintances. The Jacksons and Thompsons owned property on both sides of the Cedar-Vernon County line. I was never able to prove a link between William J. Jackson and the family of John A. Jackson Sr., but with this new information I may be able to make this break-through.

I have only mentioned connections that I have personal knowledge of, so there may be many more people out there with a connection to one or more of these families. I have left out names of living persons on purpose, so as not to offend anyone.

Edwin Shaw

El Dorado Springs