The Rock Wall

Posted January 23, 2014 at 9:52 am

The dog ate my sandwich. I had a nice pulled pork sandwich, cut up into four little triangles sitting securely on a plate on my desk. I had eaten two of the pieces when I got up to get something to drink. When I returned the plate was empty. I didn’t think Wanda had eaten it, but she might have hidden it and blamed it on the dog. I was pretty sure Davis might have eaten it and blamed it on the dog. I even thought it might be a conspiracy of Wanda, Davis and the dog. It finally came down to a breathalyzer test on the dog and sure enough, the doggy breathe confirmed barbeque. And she didn’t look the slightest bit guilty.

I wasn’t paying good enough attention at the NEVC game Friday Night. The Lady Knights played the Lady Bulldogs of Ballard in the first court warming game. The second game was also against Bulldogs who wore red jerseys. I was snapping away and looked across the gym and saw someone who looked a lot like Brian Goatly and I saw some El Dorado Springs folk that I had no idea were so interested in NEVC sports. Then I realized that the guys in the red jerseys were El Dorado Springs Bulldogs. The boys team for the Ballard Bulldogs were in a tournament, so the NEVC coach, Jeremy Barger, (El Dorado Springs Class of 2004) called his alma mater and enlisted the help of the Junior Varsity team so the NEVC Knights would have a basketball game for Courtwarming. I thought those guys looked familiar, but like I said I was snapping and chatting and not really paying that much attention until a ball almost bonked me on the head.

Kenny’s recovery is going really well. He’s walking and talking and eating real food. He’s also come up with a new expression. While leaving a message for a friend, he concluded his conversation with, “Put that under your hat and smoke it.” It’s reminiscent of my father’s favorite saying, “All things being equal, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”