The Rock Wall

Posted January 30, 2014 at 9:43 am

I think this is my Swan Song. Yep, Kenny should be back on the Rock Wall next week. I know for sure he’ll be in the office and I see no reason why I can’t park him in front of his computer and let the typing begin. There might be some problem since he hasn’t done much for about 40 days. 40 days. I told him he had an illness of Biblical proportions.

Once again, I have to thank everyone for their prayers. Kenny’s recovery has been quite remarkable. Even the people at the hospital think so. I was reading through his medical records and there was one doctor that said he didn’t think that Kenny would ever recover enough to do anything other than be bedridden. Wow.

Caddee Dog has been feasting on squirrel. Three squirrels cooked in chicken broth on slow in a crock pot. With the hunting and the cleaning and the cooking, it took a few hours. Caddee inhaled the little limb rats in about two minutes.

Sometime last night I thought I heard a cat gagging. I bolted straight up in bed, found the closest cat and proceeded to try and push him off the bed. Poor Caddeaux. As I was pushing, he was digging in and became hopelessly entangled in the open weave blanket that covers the bed. He stopped gagging (probably to save himself from being pitched over the side of the bed) and I spent the next few minutes carefully picking each claw out of the covers. He settled down and so did I, sort of.

I had been reading “Storm Kings,” by Lee Sandlin, the story of America’s first tornado chasers. After the cat incident, I dreamed that a tornado plucked up a pretty green tree (dreams obviously aren’t concerned with the season) and shoved it through the ceiling of my foyer. The hole created by the tree started dripping water like a waterfall. Like I had time for that.

While looking at the waterfall and considering my options as to whether to be mad or not, I noticed that somebody in the office had covered everything with plastic. Everything was going to be fine. Sort of like the week before Kenny got sick. He turned to me and out of the clear blue he said, “everything’s going to be alright.” How could you disagree with that? I repeated back to him, “Yes, everything’s going to be alright.” KSL