Whitey's new hobby

Posted January 30, 2014 at 10:28 am

Marilyn Entrikin had bronchitis this week. She finally feels better after a trip to the doctor and three prescriptions. She didn’t do much this week.

Glad to hear you are better, Marilyn.

Pecans are on a lot of people’s mind now. It has been a few years since there was some on our place.

On Friday, Marilyn had lunch with neighbors Darlene and Margaret. It was Margaret’s birthday. They went to Iguna Azule. It’s always good.

Marilyn visited Mary Leer at Moore-Few on Saturday. Mary is always cheerful and is staying well this winter. She is glad to have visitors.

E.J. Wingate stopped by Saturday afternoon. Tex and E.J. talked about everything and a lot about the cold weather. Talking must not help the cold weather change. Hasn’t changed yet.

Marilyn Entrikin, on Tuesday, visited friends at three nursing homes.

Having a busy week, she had lunch with friend, Karen, on Wednesday. On Thursday, it was the neighborhood watch meeting. She said they are always interesting.

Steve was in town Friday on business. He took Marilyn to lunch at 54 Café. I’m sure glad Marilyn Entrikin is retired. She doesn’t have time for a job. Marilyn enjoyed it.

Our kitten Whitey has a new hobby. The hobby is watching television. I think what really got her attention was a Batman movie. He was flapping his wings. A big black bird.